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Unboxing Wells Fargo Propel World Credit Card: Card Art, Welcome Documents & Benefits Guide

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Updated at 6:15pm PT on 7/23/19: I just got a letter today with my credit card PIN.  I added the letter to the bottom of this post.

Good morning everyone.  A few days ago, I did my July App-O-Rama and was approved for the Wells Fargo Propel World Credit Card.  This credit card offers 40,000 GoFar Rewards Points (worth $400) after spending $3,000 in 3 months and also a <:em>$100 airline incidentals reimbursement.  This credit card also has no annual fee the first year and you can use AMEX Offers with this credit card because it runs on the American Express network.  Yesterday, I received my new credit card and I took a bunch of photos of the unboxing process.  I will share the card art, welcome documents, and benefits guide.  Let’s get started with the card art of the front and back of the credit card:

Wells Fargo is a little strange in that they send you a letter stating that you were approved and provided my Experian credit score (they could have included this letter with the actual credit card).

I also received this thick envelope.  It looks like it got a little beat up in the mail system.

Inside the outer envelope is an inner envelope.  This card envelope is actually designed very well and has lots of important documents nicely arranged.

Here is the welcome letter with the important details of the credit card.

Here are the terms and conditions for this credit card.  It has 0% APR for the first 12 months, no annual fee the first year (then $175 after that), and has no foreign exchange fees (unlike US Bank).

There is also another page that highlighted the card benefits.

There were several terms and conditions documents also included.

several papers on a bed

Last but not least, here is the Benefits Guide.  I marked the most important pages.

Updated at 6:15pm PT on 7/23/19: I just got this letter that has my credit card PIN.  It is a bummer since the PIN cannot be changed, so I have to remember this random 4 digit PIN if I need to use this credit card at payment terminals and unattended kiosks outside the US.

a close up of a document

If you have any questions about the Wells Fargo Propel World Credit Card, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Unboxing Wells Fargo Propel World Credit Card: Card Art, Welcome Documents & Benefits Guide

  1. Ozzie

    Thanks for the post. It’s always nice to see the unboxing of new card every month. I was just wondering how come you don’t focus on Chase cards due to 5/24 rule before applying other cards? Or you have had all cards from Chase?

    1. Grant

      Hi Ozzie, I am way over 5/24 that it would take me probably 2 years to get under 5/24. I do have quite a few Chase CCs that I have had for a few years:

      Chase Ink Plus
      Chase Ink Cash
      Chase Sapphire Reserve
      Chase IHG Select
      Chase IHG Premier
      Chase Hyatt (old $75 CC)
      Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless (old Marriott Rewards Premier Plus)
      Chase Marriott Bonvoy Business

      My fiance has these Chase CCs:

      Chase World of Hyatt
      Chase Southwest Airlines Priority (converted from Chase Southwest Airlines Plus with CP)
      Chase Freedom (converted from Chase Sapphire Preferred)

      So between the 2 of us, we have a majority of the best Chase CCs worth keeping for many years. I have had most of the Chase airline CCs in the past, but they don’t provide good value long term. My fiance is at 3/24, so I trying to convince her to get a Chase IHG Premier and Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless, before she goes after.

  2. Nick

    Why wasn’t your card contactless? The site says as of April 2, 2019 all consumer cards are contactless. Can you find out when WF will update this card? The earning structure is terrible compared to the no-fee Propel card and Propel World hasn’t changed in years. I think this card needs a major refresh.Thanks Grant!

    1. Grant Post author

      I’m not sure, this is the way it came from Wells Fargo. I don’t plan on using this CC much after meeting the minimum spend and receiving the sign up bonus.


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