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2020 Datapoint: AMEX Airline Fee Credit for American Airlines Posted in 7 Days

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Good morning everyone, I hope your weekend is going well (despite the daylight saving time change).  Last week, I wrote Use American Express Chat to Change Airline Fee Credit Airline Choice (Almost 100% Automated).  In that post, I showed you how you could easily change your airline choice for the American Express airline fee credit by using the AMEX chat feature.  In today’s post, I will share my experience getting the airline fee credit for a few American Airlines seat upgrades.  As you can see by this email from American Express, my airline choice was changed to American Airlines on 10:16am on February 29, 2020.

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About an hour later, I logged into my American Airlines account, went to my recent airline reservation, picked preferred seats for Laura and myself, and paid with my American Express Gold Card.  The reason you only see 3 seat assignments is because I wanted to spend as close to $100 as possible to max out the $100 airline fee credit on my AMEX Gold.  The 3 seats below came to a total of $107.28.  I then paid for the 4th seat assignment with my JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Visa Infinite to get that reimbursed.

Also, someone should tell American Airlines that SuperShuttle went out of business a few months ago.

a screenshot of a receipt

About 7 days later, the American Express airline fee credits posted to my account.  My seat assignment charge was broken up into 2 charges (1 for Laura and 1 for myself).  I paid $107.28 and got a $100 reimbursement.

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When I go to the benefits tab for my AMEX Gold, it shows that I used all $100 of my airline fee credit for 2020 and I will get another $100 airline fee credit on January 1, 2021.

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If you have any questions about the American Express airline fee credits, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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