Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card 20% Rebate for In-Flight Purchases Works Great

Good morning everyone.  A few weeks ago, I flew Alaska Airlines from San Francisco to New York and took advantage of the 20% rebate for in-flight purchases for paying with my Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card (works on both the personal and business credit card).  A 20% rebate is a great benefit and you actually earn 3x Alaska Airlines miles on the original price (before the rebate).  I wanted to share my experience since I haven’t seen this benefit written about extensively.

Here are the complete terms and conditions of this benefit:

20% Inflight Rebate on Food, Beverage and Wi-Fi Onboard Purchases:
You will receive a 20% rebate, in the form of a statement credit, for purchases of food, beverages, and Wi-Fi onboard Alaska and Alaska operated flights, using your Alaska Airlines credit card as your method of payment. The statement credit will post to your credit card account within 7 days from transaction posting date. To qualify for the 20% rebate, your account must be open with active charging privileges at the time of the qualifying transaction.

As mentioned above, you can use this benefit for food, beverages, or WiFi onboard Alaska Airlines flights.  Here are the free and paid beverage options:

For the food options, some require you to pre-order the item before you board your flight.  You can do this 2 weeks to 20 hours prior to boarding.  Your credit card is not charged until you receive the items onboard.  Here are the food service options:

On my flight, I purchased a Signature Fruit & Cheese Platter ($8.50) and for Laura, I ordered the Mediterranean Tapas Picnic Pack ($6.50) and Northwest Deli Picnic Pack ($6.50).  Laura’s items posted together ($13.00).  A few days later, I automatically received the 20% rebate for those in-flight purchases.

On my credit card statement, I can see the 2 charges and the 2 rebates.  Like I mentioned earlier, you earn 3x Alaska Airlines miles on the original price of the in-flight purchases, so $21.50 x 3 = 65 Alaska Airlines miles.

If you have any questions about the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card or about the 20% rebate for in-flight purchases, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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