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AutoSlash Saved Me $425 on 2 Hawaii Car Rentals (Final Results)

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Good evening everyone, I hope the first day of Summer is treating you well.  A few weeks ago, Laura and I went to Hawaii for vacation.  We needed to rent a car on Maui (OGG) for 3 days and another car on Oahu (HNL) for 4 days.  Naturally, I turned to AutoSlash to help find the cheapest car rentals for my vacation.  Last August, I wrote AutoSlash Saved Me $1300+ on 2 Hawaii Car Rentals (Final Results).  Rental cars were crazy expensive in 2021, so I didn’t expect huge savings in 2022, but AutoSlash did a great job and saved me $425 on 2 rental cars.  In this post, I will show you the final results and how many times I rebooked each reservation.

To get started, my original 3 day car rental on Maui was $360 and my original 4 day car rental on Oahu was $463.  I booked these reservations on April 9 and the car rentals were for June 7 and June 10.

I searched my inbox for all the AutoSlash tracking emails between April 9 and June 7 and found 30 emails.

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The cheapest prices AutoSlash was able to find for me came on May 29 for Maui ($151) and May 30 for Oahu ($245).

I put the numbers into a spreadsheet so you can visually see how many times I rebooked each rental car reservation.  For Maui, I rebooked 8 times and saved a total of $208.  For Oahu, I rebooked 9 times and saved a total of $218.  As you can see, the majority of the rebookings happened between May 20-30.  It was getting a little annoying to rebook every day and sometimes twice a day, but I kept telling myself that I was saving $5-$44 each time, which kept me motivated.

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I can’t guarantee that AutoSlash will find you a cheaper price on every car rental reservation, but you have nothing to lose by having AutoSlash track your existing car rental reservations for cheaper prices.  If you have any questions about AutoSlash, please leave a comment below.  Have a great evening everyone!

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6 thoughts on “AutoSlash Saved Me $425 on 2 Hawaii Car Rentals (Final Results)

  1. joeheg

    We received an email from Autoslash while on the plane to our destination showing a less expensive rate. Never give up on saving money.

  2. C J

    I’ve saved 1,000 s of dollars with autoslash….love love them ….have a monthly rental right now …saved 500


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