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How to Book Virgin Atlantic Partner Awards for KLM Flights – Error Online? Call VA to Book

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Good afternoon everyone. 2 weeks ago, my wife and I decided to book a last minute trip to Europe this summer with stops in Prague (PRG), Copenhagen (CPH), and Amsterdam (AMS).  This morning, I wrote Some KLM Business Class Awards (Booked with Virgin Atlantic) are Cheaper than Economy Awards for Flights Within Europe. After you find the perfect KLM business class award that is bookable with Virgin Atlantic Miles, you might run into issues purchasing the award ticket online.  In this post, I will show you how to book the Virgin Atlantic award tickets over the phone and select your seats on the KLM website.

For our 11:30am KLM flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam (CPH-AMS), Virgin Atlantic had a total cost of 18,000 Virgin Atlantic Miles + $47.80.  I signed into my Virgin Atlantic account, went through the booking process, entered my credit card info, pressed submit, and got this error message: “Sorry, things change so quickly around here and that fare isn’t available anymore.  Please search again to see what’s available. #100503.”  I tried a few different times from different browsers and on my phone, but always got the same error message.  I decided to call Virgin Atlantic for help.

The phone number to call Virgin Atlantic is 1-800-862-8621.  This department can help with reservations, customer service, and Flying Blue.  Just work your way through the phone tree by selecting the option to book a flight using miles.  If you are calling from a different country, scroll down and select your country from the list.

After explaining the situation to the rep, the rep was able to find the exact flights I wanted and verified the total cost was 18,000 Virgin Atlantic Miles + $47.80.  I gave the rep my Virgin Atlantic Flying Club number and credit card information.  The charge went through successfully and the rep gave me the Virgin Atlantic booking reference number and the KLM booking reference number.  I was able to see the award right away in my Virgin Atlantic account.

I then went to the KLM website, signed in, went to the My Trips page, and entered the KLM booking reference number.  The trip then appeared in my Upcoming Trips section and then I clicked the Select Your Seat link.

I selected seats 3A and 3C since I don’t like sitting in the front row since there is no under seat storage.

I wish I was able to complete the booking online, but the Virgin Atlantic rep was very friendly and helpful, so it wasn’t too difficult.  I am excited for my KLM business class flight.  If you have any questions about booking KLM business class flights with Virgin Atlantic Miles over the phone or with selecting seats on the KLM website, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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7 thoughts on “How to Book Virgin Atlantic Partner Awards for KLM Flights – Error Online? Call VA to Book

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  2. Ryan Moore

    Thank you!

    I just had this issue with booking an Air France business class flight from Barcelona (BCN) to Paris (CDG) for 9,000 points + €18 in August – online booking kept giving the 100503A error and not letting me book, but the flight kept showing as available.

    I called Virgin Atlantic support and they were able to see the flight and book it for the 9,000 points + €18 without any problems. All in it took around 15 maybe minutes, and the rep was friendly and resolved everything quickly. They emailed me the Virgin Atlantic booking details, and gave me the Air France booking number, and everything showed up without any further issues.

    So thank you again for the article pointing me in the right direction.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Ryan, I’m glad my post was helpful. It’s frustrating that everything looks fine when booking online until you click the submit button and get that error message. The VA reps are friendly and knowledgeable about booking partners awards, so they must book these award tickets often. Enjoy your trip from BCN-CDG :)

    2. Jonathan Lugtu

      thank you for this feedback… i just had the same error, trying to book an air france flight with points through virgin atlantic… i called them up, waited ~15min to get a hold of someone and they took care of my booking with no issues

  3. Rhea98

    Thanks for the article. I had the exact situation booking BOS-GOA via AMS back in January. The Virgin rep was super, but he spelled husband’s last name incorrectly which I didn’t notice until later. I had to do a 3-way with VA and KLM to get that changed. Again, brava to the VA agent. Now, if I have to change the flights in any way, do you know if I go to VA or KLM? Prior to the name change situation, I would have though changes through KLM. Now, I’m not sure. Hopefully, I won’t have to find out.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Rhea, usually you need to make changes with the airline in which you booked the ticket (so VA in this case). If you have seat assignment or baggage questions, then you would contact the airline you are flying (KLM in this case). Hopefully that makes sense. Have a great day.


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