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What New Features or Benefits would make InKind Even Better?

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Good afternoon everyone.  InKind has made several improvements over the months since I first started using the app in November 2022. I am a big fan of their referral program, the ability to split the bill into 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, and 75% portions makes going out to dinner with others much easier, the introduction of the InKind Rewards program with targeted challenges, the ability to share / transfer / gift your InKind balance to other members, and their latest AMEX Offer where you can try the InKind Pass free for a year.  With all those great features, I am sure there is still much room to grow.

In terms of new features I would like to see, I would love the ability to pay the tip portion of the bill with InKind credits (I would probably tip a larger percentage) and the addition of more restaurants that are on the InKind platform.  Some cities have many InKind restaurants available, while other cities have only 1-2 choices.

I also have some pretty far-fetched ideas for InKind…

  • The ability to cash out InKind credit as a direct deposit to a bank account ($50 InKind credit = $30 direct deposit)
  • The ability to convert InKind credit into gift cards / egift cards ($50 InKind credit = $40 Macy’s gift card or $25 Walmart gift card)
  • The ability to use InKind credit at gas stations
  • The ability to trade InKind credit for airline miles or hotel points ($50 InKind credit = 4,000 Hyatt Points or 8,000 IHG Points or 4,500 Southwest Airlines points)
  • The ability to prepay a meal for someone at a specific restaurant (prepay $100 toward my parent’s anniversary dinner at an InKind restaurant)

Those are just a few ideas that came to mind.  Do you have any ideas that would make InKind better?  Please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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2 thoughts on “What New Features or Benefits would make InKind Even Better?

    1. Grant Post author

      My initial buy in was back in Nov 2022, so I don’t know how it codes now. Recent purchases and tips paid through InKind do code as restaurants, so I think all purchases besides the InKind Pass membership code as restaurants.


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