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How to Share / Transfer / Gift your Existing InKind Balance to Another InKind Member

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Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  I’ve been a long time fan of InKind since November 2022 when there was an InKind AMEX Offer that provided a $50 statement credit when you spent $50 with InKind.  There have been several other InKind offers like that over the year and there is currently an InKind Chase Offer that is offering a $150 statement credit after spending $250 with InKind.  If you are new to InKind, you can get a $25 InKind credit after you spend $50 or more with InKind when you use my InKind referral link (https://app.inkind.com/refer/DB06KWHX).  If you have a healthy InKind balance and want to share the love, you can share / transfer / gift your InKind balance to another InKind member.

To get started, open the InKind app and click the Wallet icon.  The InKind Pass balance shows how much you can share with another member using your existing balance.  Unfortunately, InKind Rewards balances are not currently allowed to be shared. To share your balance, click the Gifting icon and then click Share your Balance.  If you want to send more than your existing balance, you can click the Purchase a Gift Card to Send.

Click on your existing InKind Pass balance (this step is not obvious) and then you will be at the Send Gift screen.  You can send a gift now…

…or send a gift later by selecting the send date.  You can also select the Gift Type, but the default option is Gift from your Existing Balance.

I tested out this feature by sending $1 to my brother.  Once you click the Create Gift Card button, you will see a code.  Your gift recipient needs to enter this code in their InKind app to accept the gift and have the gift added to their InKind balance.  You can cancel a gift anytime before it is redeemed and the money will go back into your InKind balance.

On the History screen, you can see the status of your gift.  Before the gift is redeemed, it will say “Gifted (Unclaimed)”.  You can click on that transaction, see the code and revoke the gift, if necessary.

I texted the InKind code to my brother and told him to go to the Gifting tab, paste the code, and click the Claim button.  He was able to claim the code and the gift was instantly available in his InKind balance.  I also received a confirmation email that the gift was claimed.

Back on the History screen, the transaction now says “Gifted” and has the timestamp of when the gift was created.

Instead of sending your friend a Venmo or PayPal payment, try sending them an InKind gift instead (hopefully your friend will appreciate the gesture).  If you have any questions about sharing / transferring / gifting your InKind balance, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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