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My 2 Free Spire Elite Status Gifts: 25K IHG Points & Hertz Five Star Status

Good afternoon everyone.  A few weeks ago, I received an email from IHG stating that I had reached IHG Spire Elite Status which required 75 qualified nights or 75,000 qualifying points.  This was surprising to me since I haven’t spent that many nights at IHG hotels this year (only 16 nights in 2019), but I did have a few expensive hotel stays this year (82,768 qualifying points in 2019).  In the email, it stated 3 key Spire Elite benefits:

  • 100% bonus earning on top of base points (IHG Platinum Elite members get a 50% bonus)
  • Complimentary room upgrades (this is the same as IHG Platinum Elite members)
  • Exclusive annual choice benefit

The last bullet was the one that caught my attention.  I had the option to choose between 25,000 IHG Points or gift someone IHG Platinum Elite Status.  I clicked on the Choose Now button in the email and signed into my IHG account.

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It’s Not Me, It’s You – My Breakup Story with Hertz

I see myself as a glass half full kinda girl. I don’t enjoy ranting, but today I just have to rant. So be forewarned, I’m DONE with Hertz. I am so done and fed up, and breaking up ain’t hard to do.

Here’s the story. I rent cars A LOT. Back in 2013, a Hertz satellite office opened up in a Chevrolet dealership in my neighborhood. Sweet! And for a while, it indeed was sweet. The two guys who worked there, Travis and Chris, were great. Good with customers, fun senses of humor, they knew never to give me a Nissan Versa (the seats are hard as rocks), and it was actually a pleasure to rent from them. So Hertz got all my business.

Hertz let Travis go, I think because he was the manager and the more expensive employee. For a while, Chris held down the fort by himself. But the car dealership hired Chris away from Hertz. I still see him, and he’s treated better and making way more money than when he was with Hertz.

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