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New PFS Buyers Club US Mint Coin Deal: Spend $407, Make $23 (Live 12/10 @ 12pm ET)

Updated 12/9/20 at 9:40am PT: Deal is already full and PFS Buyers Club just sent out the following email: “Tomorrow’s deal is completely subscribed. We have other members asking to join, but we do not have any open spots.”  If you missed this deal, I recommend signing up for an account so that you receive the next deal email right away.

Good morning everyone, I just received an email from PFS Buyers Club about a new US Mint coin deal that is going live tomorrow (December 10 at 12pm ET).  PFS Buyers Club did a deal last month for a gold and silver coin.  I was able to buy the silver coin from the US Mint, sell the coin to PFS Buyers Club, and make $62 profit ($150 – $87.95 = $62.05).  This deal has higher spend ($406.95), but a lower profit ($23.05).  If you are interested in joining PFS Buyers Club, please sign up with my referral link (I earn a $20 referral bonus after your first PFS Buyers Club sale).  PFS Buyers Club does a great job out outlining all the necessary steps and tips to place your order on the US Mint website.  I will briefly cover the necessary steps below.

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