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PSA: Don’t Try to Beat PFS Buyers Club’s Price

Good afternoon everyone.  PFS Buyers Club has a new deal from the US Mint where you can make $50 profit and get $1,400 in credit card spending.  You can read more on Frequent Miler and Doctor of Credit.  Before you start thinking about making more than $50 by buying and reselling the US Mint coin on your own, please read my post How I did on that US Mint American Eagle Platinum Coin.  I got greedy on a previous PFS Buyers Club deal and thought I could sell the US Mint coin for more than what PFS Buyers Club was going to pay.  Long story short, I ended up selling the coin on eBay for a $236.16 loss.

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How I did on that US Mint American Eagle Platinum Coin

(Hat tip to Miles Per Day for the title inspiration)

Good afternoon everyone.  Back in July, there was a lot of commotion about the US Mint American Eagle 20th Anniversary Platinum Proof Coin.  The platinum coin went on sale at 10am PT on July 6 for $1,300 and there was a private group who would buy the coin from you for $1,325 (and provide a free shipping label), so you could make ~$20 profit by buying this platinum coin and then selling it to this private group.  Since this was a limited release, I figured I could sell the coin on eBay for much more than $1,325 and make more than a ~$20 profit.  So, how did I do?

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