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American Express Changes: No Cash Advance Fee for Precious Metal Coins, Bullion, and Digital Precious Metals Products

Good evening everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  I was just reviewing my recent American Express statements and saw a few changes regarding cash advance fees, earning bonus points on meal-kit delivery services, losing points when you close an account, late payment fees and the Centurion Lounge Guest Access Policy.  The most interesting change is regarding cash advance fees.  Effective October 1, 2021 (aka now), “precious metal coins or bullion and digital precious metals products” are no longer considered as a cash advance, so those purchases should earn points, miles, and cash back.  This is great news if you buy coins from the US Mint (to keep or resell).  As you might remember, American Express added precious metal coins or bullion and digital precious metals products to their definition of cash advance effective January 15, 2021.  It is good to see American Express changing their mind regarding precious metal coins and bullion.

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New PFS Buyers Club US Mint Coin Deal: Spend $407, Make $23 (Live 12/10 @ 12pm ET)

Updated 12/9/20 at 9:40am PT: Deal is already full and PFS Buyers Club just sent out the following email: “Tomorrow’s deal is completely subscribed. We have other members asking to join, but we do not have any open spots.”  If you missed this deal, I recommend signing up for an account so that you receive the next deal email right away.

Good morning everyone, I just received an email from PFS Buyers Club about a new US Mint coin deal that is going live tomorrow (December 10 at 12pm ET).  PFS Buyers Club did a deal last month for a gold and silver coin.  I was able to buy the silver coin from the US Mint, sell the coin to PFS Buyers Club, and make $62 profit ($150 – $87.95 = $62.05).  This deal has higher spend ($406.95), but a lower profit ($23.05).  If you are interested in joining PFS Buyers Club, please sign up with my referral link (I earn a $20 referral bonus after your first PFS Buyers Club sale).  PFS Buyers Club does a great job out outlining all the necessary steps and tips to place your order on the US Mint website.  I will briefly cover the necessary steps below.

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