New PFS Buyers Club US Mint Coin Deal: Spend $407, Make $23 (Live 12/10 @ 12pm ET)

Updated 12/9/20 at 9:40am PT: Deal is already full and PFS Buyers Club just sent out the following email: “Tomorrow’s deal is completely subscribed. We have other members asking to join, but we do not have any open spots.”  If you missed this deal, I recommend signing up for an account so that you receive the next deal email right away.

Good morning everyone, I just received an email from PFS Buyers Club about a new US Mint coin deal that is going live tomorrow (December 10 at 12pm ET).  PFS Buyers Club did a deal last month for a gold and silver coin.  I was able to buy the silver coin from the US Mint, sell the coin to PFS Buyers Club, and make $62 profit ($150 – $87.95 = $62.05).  This deal has higher spend ($406.95), but a lower profit ($23.05).  If you are interested in joining PFS Buyers Club, please sign up with my referral link (I earn a $20 referral bonus after your first PFS Buyers Club sale).  PFS Buyers Club does a great job out outlining all the necessary steps and tips to place your order on the US Mint website.  I will briefly cover the necessary steps below.

From the last PFS Buyers Club deal, I bought the silver coin from the US Mint on November 5 for $87.95.

The coin arrived a few days later on November 13.  PFS Buyers Club then sent me a free FedEx shipping label that I attached to the package and dropped off at the FedEx Office store.

A few days after that on November 17, PFS Buyers Club received my package and verified my order.  I then requested a payment and a PayPal payment of $150 arrived on November 19.

Here are all the emails from PFS Buyers Club about this deal, starting with the first announcement email on November 2 and ending with the payment email on November 19.  Total turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks.

If you have any questions about PFS Buyers Club or about this deal, please leave a comment below.  If you are interested in this deal and are new to PFS Buyers Club, please sign up with my referral link (thank you).  Have a great day everyone.

5 thoughts on “New PFS Buyers Club US Mint Coin Deal: Spend $407, Make $23 (Live 12/10 @ 12pm ET)

  1. your daddy

    You actually lost a lot of money on the previous deal. They were selling on ebay for over $400 a piece (still are). I actually sold mine directly to a gold and silver exchange and made a quick 300 dollar profit on the silver coin. This coin should be similar. PFS will pay you 23 bucks and turn around make 300 bucks…

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Your Daddy, a few years ago I tried to sell a coin on eBay instead of selling to PFS Buyers Club and I ended up losing a few hundred dollars. If you want to read about my misfortune, please read

      Since then, I decided not to try to beat PFS and sell to them whenever I could. It’s up to you if you want to sell the coin and I wish you better luck than I had.

      1. Brady

        Yup. Unless you’re a savvy on the ins and outs of selling coins and know the hazards and pitfalls unique with selling them on ebay, much safer and surer to just take the easy/quick money from these Buyers than sweat it out over a possible bigger profit. Buyers are taking a big risk in the first place promising to pay you for the coin before they can really be sure THEY can profit off it. They’ve earned their take when it pays off. But again, if you know coins and how to go about dealing with them on your own, by all means, go for the bigger profits yourself.

    2. brady

      Again, you can’t lose something you never had. You may have lost the *potential* for a bigger profit. Or you may have avoided the *potential* loss of a lot of money after being scammed on ebay. We could dwell on all these “what might have beens” in the deals department 24/7 if you wanted to waste your time on it.


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