Redeem Discover It Cash Back for Gift Cards & eGift Cards (Online & In-App)

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Good morning everyone, happy Thursday!  Hopefully by now, you are sitting on a huge pile of Discover It Cash Back from their Cash Back Match promotion.  I just received the following email from Discover telling me to redeem my cash back for gift cards and egift cards.  If you have the Discover mobile app, you can sign in, view rewards, and redeem your cash back balance for gift cards, egift cards, statement credits, or donate to charity.  In this post, I will show you some good redemption options (in my opinion) from Discover in the form of gift cards and egift cards.

Discover Email Redeem Cash Back eGift Card Instantly

After logging into you Discover It online account, click the orange Redeem button.

Discover Logged In Home

Click the Gift Cards link on the left hand side.

Discover Redemption Page

By default, you will see all 140 gift card and egift card options.  With ever redemption, you will save at least $5 off the face value of each gift card and egift card.

Discover Gift Card Redemption Home

If you click the eCertificates link, you will see all 84 egift card options.

Discover eGift Card Redemption Home

If you click the Travel & Vacations link, you will see all 15 redemption options.  There are 6 cruise lines listed and they all have great redemption options ($40 cash back = $80 gift card), but there is a catch…

Discover Travel Vacations Gift Card Options

You can only use 1 gift card or egift card per reservation, the reservation must be booked over the phone directly from the cruise line, and you must stay in a specific room type.  Please read the below terms and conditions before redeeming cash back for any cruise line redemption.

Alamo, Enterprise and National all offer gift cards and egift cards ($20 cash back = $40 rental discount), but again, there is a catch.  You must book your reservation directly with the car rental agency using the DISCBB code, use only 1 gift card or egift card per reservation, and your reservation must be at least $40, not including taxes, fees, and upgrades.  Please read the below terms and conditions before redeeming cash back for any car rental redemption.

Hyatt is the only hotel chain offered by Discover and the discount is decent ($45 cash back = $50 Hyatt credit or $90 cash back = $100 Hyatt credit).  You can only use these Hyatt gift cards at hotels and resorts located in the US, Canada and Caribbean.  There are no expiration dates and no limit on the number of gift cards you can use per stay/night.  There are a few exclusions listed, so please read the below terms and conditions before redeeming cash back for Hyatt gift cards.

As far as non-travel providers go, there are quite a few merchant gift cards and egift cards available for purchase.  The top 4 that interest me the most are Groupon, Chipotle, CVS and Starbucks, who all offer a $50 gift card for $45 in cash back.  $5 may not seem like a lot, but that represents a 10% discount, which can be a good deal compared to buying these gift cards elsewhere for $50 or through a gift card reseller.

What are you going to redeem your Discover It cash back on?  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

9 thoughts on “Redeem Discover It Cash Back for Gift Cards & eGift Cards (Online & In-App)

  1. Scott M.

    A few corrections to your article…As you can see in the screenshots, Hyatt is NOT the only hotel offered; Best Western also offers gift cards. Second, you do NOT book the cruise directly with the cruise line; you book it through Discover’s Cruise and Vacation Desk travel service. I used them several years ago, and had no complaints (other than the followup marketing calls later).

    1. Grant

      Gotcha, I totally forget that Best Western is a hotel since I never book hotel reservations with them. Good to hear that the cruise booking process works well :)

  2. Syed

    Should be getting my cash back next month. I’m leaning towards a direct deposit but I may do a combination of that and a starbucks card since we go there a couple times a week. Very cool to see that big number!

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