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Staples Easy Rebates for Paper and Visa/MasterCard Gift Cards (4/19-4/25)

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(Hat Tip to Shawn @ Miles to Memories)

Good evening from the beautiful Hyatt Regency DFW!  The Frequent Traveler University just wrapped up (review coming soon) and I just got back from delicious Texas BBQ.  Here are a few deals at Staples this week worth mentioning…

Lots and lots of cheap reams of paper.  Single ream for 1 cent, a 5 ream box for $2, and a 10 ream box for $10.  Anyone need any more paper?

Staples Paper Easy Reabtes 4-19-2015

Staples is also running another Easy Rebate on their gift cards.  If you purchase $300 or more in combined Visa and MasterCard Gift Cards, you will get a $20 Staples Gift Card as a rebate.

Staples VGC Rebate Ad 4-19-2015

Here are the terms of the offer if you cannot read the image above.

Staples VGC Rebate Terms 4-19-2015

In other news, statement credits for the Smart & Final AMEX Offer have started to post.  You can learn more about the offer and read helpful comments from other readers here.  Shawn also has a follow up post about his recent experience at Smart & Final.

Tip: If you have already maxed out all 3 statement credits per AMEX Card, you still have plenty of time to add new authorized users and hopefully get the Smart & Final offer on those cards as well…

AMEX Smart Final Posted

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  I have to wake up at 4am CT to catch my flight, so have a great evening everyone!

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12 thoughts on “Staples Easy Rebates for Paper and Visa/MasterCard Gift Cards (4/19-4/25)

  1. Keith

    So if I use a $40 Staples Reward coupon to buy the $53 box of paper, do I still get the $44 SER GC?

    I thought there was a Staples Rewards wiki somewhere, but can’t find it anymore…

      1. Keith

        So the question is, would I still get the full $44 SER rebate GC:

        $53.99 minus $10 off $50 (in store) minus $40 Staples rewards = $3.99

        submit $44 SER, to essentially cash out 100% of the Staples rewards, even though the cash cost isn’t even close to the $44 SER rebate?

        1. jamie

          Keith – with an Easy Rebate, this is how it works. Back in the day, Staples used to have a lot of “free after rewards” items, that i.e. would cost $10, but you’d get $10 Staples rewards back. You would not get the bonus rewards if you paid with rewards. But it works fine with SER, I’ve done this many times and always get the full rebate.

    1. Grant

      No, I think it is only 1 per address. Do you have any friends or family members who will let you use their address to get the rebate?

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  3. alex

    don’t know if this is limited to only certain stores, but i was “forced” to be a responsible MSer today! tried to buy 4 visa GCs and split them into 2 transactions. The cashier said that corporate sent a memo to them saying that all vgc’s have to be placed on one transaction and that there’s no splitting transaction, using different cards, etc. he even said “you’re using a chase ink right?” if this is real, it’ll put a bit of a kink into staples MS! this was staples on harbor, in garden grove, ca.


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