Sam’s Club Membership and Complete AMEX Offer Ordering Process

Good morning everyone, this post has a lot of screenshots showing the entire ordering process to complete the AMEX Offer.  As a refresher, the AMEX Offer will give you a $20 statement credit after spending $20 or more on (does not work for in-store purchases).

Sams Club AMEX Offer

A few days ago, I purchased a discounted Sam’s Club membership on Groupon and went to the store to activate my membership.  Please read about my Sam’s Club Groupon Membership and Crazy Checkout Experience before continuing.  When I got home, I was able to create a online account using my Sam’s Club membership information.

Sams Club Register Online

Enter your email address and create a password.

Sams Club Email and Password Registration

Sam’ account created and my Sam’s Club membership expires on May 4, 2016.

Sams Club Online Account

Go to the gift card section by clicking on the Sam’s Club logo, then click on Jewelry, Flowers, & Gifts, and then click on Gift Cards.

Sams Club Gift Card Location

Find the gift card you want.  Some gift cards are only available for email delivery (Sam’s Club membership might be required) and some other gift cards are only available for free shipping.  I found a $25 Darden eGift Card for $23.98.  Darden is a restaurant group that manages Olive Garden, Seasons 52, Yard House, and other restaurants.  This egift card can be used at any of their restaurants.

Sams Club Darden eGift Card

After adding the egift card to my shopping card, click Begin Checkout.

Sams Club Darden Gift Card Shopping Cart

Sign into your Sam’s Club account.

Sams Club Log Into Account

For email delivery, make sure the email address is correct and click Continue.

Sams Club Darden eGift Card Checkout

Add a credit card (probably an AMEX credit card to complete the AMEX Offer).

Sams Club Add Credit Card

Enter the 4 digit security code and click Continue.

Sams Club Credit Card Added

Review your order by checking the email address, gift card details, and payment method.  If everything looks right, click Place Order.

Sams Club Review Order

Your order is complete and your credit card will be charged.

Sams Club Checkout Complete

You can view all online orders by clicking on My Account, then click My Orders.  Your orders may not show up until you click View These Orders.

Sams Club Order History

Automated confirmation email from Sam’s Club.

Sams Club Darden eGfit Card Email Receipt

Egift cards should arrive within 20 minutes (except for Sam’s Club eGift Card).  Here is what the Darden eGift Card looks like.  Remember to print these out and take them to the restaurant.

Darden eGift Card

Immediately after placing your online order, you may see that the charge shows up as “SAMSCLUB COM ONLINE PHOTO.”  You will not receive an email from AMEX thanking you for using your enrolled credit card.  This is normal.  Just wait a few days and you should see the charge and statement credit go through as usual.

Sams Club AMEX Credit Card Not Present

Here is what the statement credit looks like when it posts to your AMEX account.

Sams Club AMEX Offer Statement Credit

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

17 thoughts on “Sam’s Club Membership and Complete AMEX Offer Ordering Process

  1. weedibix

    Any word on going through cashback portals to Sams Club? I see 4% offers, but haven’t seen any experiences with buying GCs this way.

  2. Glen

    Hey Grant. My renewal (very timely) was due so I split the $45 between 2 cards yesterday. Processed without a hitch on SC site. Received 2 AmEX purchase confirmation emails. Still no email regarding the credit.

    1. Grant

      Nice timing on your part. At the Member Services counter, the cashier said you can gift membership or add someone else as a member to your Sam’s Club account. Have you ever done that?

      1. Eric

        Thanks – what about the name though? Do you know if you can use the bluebird of someone who is not on the sam’s club account to make a purchase?

  3. Mike

    The fine print says the credit will post to your Amex account AFTER 9/X/2015. And you already got it. Nice work by Amex.

  4. KC

    There are nightmare stories/comments on the SC website itself, about activating gift cards (which apparently SC requires). Have you been able to use the e-gcs without any activation? Apparently SC sends you the activation code via e-mail. I received my gift cards (plastic) in the mail, but no activation e-mail. Some people report that calling in is useless but I’ll do that anyway if I don’t eventually get the e-mail. Wondering if anyone else is having problems with using their cards or activation.

    1. Grant

      I haven’t gotten any of my physical Sam’s Club gift cards yet. They are all being shipped via FedEx to me in different shipments.

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