AMEX Offers: Free $5 from iTunes and Free $10 from Rhapsody

Good morning everyone, here are 2 new AMEX offers that might be interesting to you.  Spend $5 on iTunes and get a $5 statement credit; or, spend $15 on and get a $10 statement credit.  Both offers were found in my AMEX account, but not on all of my cards.

Right now, Ebates is celebrating their 16th birthday with 16% cash back at 150+ merchants.  Unfortunately, iTunes is not participating in this promo, but they are offering 7% cash back for iTunes purchases.

Ebates iTunes 7 Percent Cash Back

I was able to purchase a $10 iTunes eGift Card through the iTunes program.

iTunes Gift Card

The iTunes eGift Card arrives right away in your email…

$10 iTunes Gift Card

Along with an email from American Express regarding your transaction…

iTunes Purchase AMEX Plat

And a completed AMEX Offer email.  The $5 statement should show up in my AMEX account in a few days.

iTunes AMEX Offer Completed

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone.

P.S. Thanks to my friend Bill for sending me a screenshot of the better iTunes AMEX Offer: Spend $10 and get a $10 statement credit.

iTunes AMEX Offer $10 Statement Credit

28 thoughts on “AMEX Offers: Free $5 from iTunes and Free $10 from Rhapsody

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  3. bayguy

    I am not sure buying GC will qualify for the offer. They excluded GC buying and I am not sure if you get your 10$ credit

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      1. Racerboy80

        I sent you a copy of the $10 offer if you have not received one already.

        How did you get the shopping portal to work? Each time it directs me to open up the iTunes program when I click through to the website. Does it still recognize the purchase?

        1. Grant

          Thank you. I’ll check my email soon. I think the shopping portal takes you to an Apple/iTunes page and then you can launch the program. I doubt I will earn cash back but I want those 70 cents :)

          1. Racerboy80

            You’re welcome…I went ahead and purchased a $10 gift card and received my email confirmation for a $10 credit within minutes. :-)

  6. Iz

    Great post. Do you know if an actual GC would also qualify, or only eGC? It looks like the GC is sold by the Apple store, not by iTunes. Thanks.

  7. star

    A lot of people got this targeted offer but not me (I have 5 Amex accounts) :( I didn’t get the Amazon credit either! Amex must be mad at me…

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  9. Racerboy80

    Good morning…My $10 credit posted last night on my statement for purchasing a $10 e-gift card through the iTunes Store.

    Also, I went through TopCashBack and my purchase posted there as well yesterday.


    1. Grant

      Thank you for the update. I got an email from Ebates that my cash back posted too. I will check Amex to see if it shows my statement credit too.

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  11. Kathy

    I am new to iTunes so I have a question that may sound stupid. I want to buy a few songs at one time so that my purchase is $5 or a little more than $5. I can not figure out how to purchase more than one song at a time which would only be a $1.29 purchase. The albums that I am interested in are $12 or more and I just prefer to purchase a few songs from various albums. Thank you for any help you can offer.

    1. Grant

      I would buy a $10 iTunes gift card and then load that to your iTunes account. You can use the funds to pay for your songs. If you are feeling lucky, I think iTunes processes all payments at the end of the day and groups purchases made by the same account into one charge. If you buy 5 songs and the total is $5.65 or something, you should see one charge at the end of the day for that amount.


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