Staples Easy Rebate: Purchase $300 in American Express Gift Cards, Receive $20 Staples GC (8/30-9/5)

Good morning everyone, Staples has another American Express Gift Card Easy Rebate offer starting this Sunday.  After spending $300 or more in American Express Gift Cards, you will receive a $20 Staples Gift Card as a rebate.  Only one rebate per household, so get creative.  This promo does not begin until Sunday, August 30, so don’t go out shopping just yet.

This Easy Rebate from Staples combines the worst type of gift cards to purchase (American Express gift cards are the hardest to liquidate since they do not have PINs) and rebate (Staples Gift Card instead of a Visa Gift Card).  Since the only thing I buy at Staples is Visa and MasterCard Gift Cards, I really have no use for Staples Gift Card besides stocking up on toilet paper and paper towels (photo taken 2 days ago).

Staples GIft Card Toilet Paper

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

20 thoughts on “Staples Easy Rebate: Purchase $300 in American Express Gift Cards, Receive $20 Staples GC (8/30-9/5)

  1. Kalboz

    VONS currently has a special offer in its “Just for U”:

    “SAVE $15 INSTANTLY With purchase of $150 or more in American Express Gift Cards. Limit 1. Offer not available in HI.”

  2. Melissa

    Can these be purchased online, or online in store? Our Staples closed. :( And, does Staples require you to buy gift cards with cash, or can you use a credit card for points?

    1. Grant

      Staples only sells AGCs in-store and VGCs online. You will need to purchase them in-store. You can use a credit card to purchase them, assuming the store/manager/cashier tells you otherwise.

  3. surelyslim

    There’s the Plastiq unloading, which also kinda sucks as it eats into your profits, but that’s about the easiest way to unload as most ppl turn around and buy visa gift cards anyway. I hear Amex is 1.99% on their site.

    1. Grant

      Hi Kay, I’m sorry you are seeing adware/spyware warnings. It has to do with a rogue ad network that is sneaking into Boarding Area’s ad exchange. They are working on blocking the advertiser, but until then, please try to close the window/tab before clicking anything. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

      1. Lauren

        Hey Grant! Just to add a bit of info to Kay’s post, I’ve been getting the same message as Kay. It pops up a few seconds after entering the site without clicking on anything. Can’t navigate anywhere & have to completely shut down browser & relaunch (using Chrome on Mac). Turning on internet protection software seems to block it.

        1. Grant

          Thank you for the datapoint, Lauren. I really hope the issue gets resolved soon, it is very frustrating and annoying. Thank you for your continued readership. Have a great weekend.

  4. Jason

    ==== WARNING WILL ROBINSON – WARNING! :) ==== AMEX GCs often do not activate at Staples +++ major heacdache not worth the points! +++

    Today, I called AMEX for the third time in 30 days, to inquire WHEN would the 8 each $200 AMEX GCs (bought at Staples in June during the last rebate offer) be refunded or replaced, since the POS at Staples did not activate them, BUT I was charged to my Ink card.

    AMEX gave me NO estimated time to replace / fix and just said they needed more time …again … 30 plus days to float $1600 is bull … AMEX is getting slack. I told them I was going to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and I did, and asked them for help.

    I will NEVER buy AMEX GCs from Staples … not worth the headache; this issue happened 2 years in a row!

      1. Jason

        I did not pursue Staples because normally the issuer fixes the problem; like AMEX had this same problem in June 2014; and replaced the cards in 10 business days, and of course I had fraudulent charges on only one $500 US Bank MC GC (like you did Grant) … which finally got refunded after 4 mos of waiting and getting the CFPB involved …

        Plus i do not want to have Chase dispute the charges, as I will lose the 5x UR pts.

  5. iahphx

    Like many folks, I generally shy away from buying AMEX gift cards due to the difficulty of unloading them. That said, I need to gin up some UR points at Staples and this seems like a good deal (I also happen to be out of “Staples money” because I needed to buy those crazy-expensive TI-84 calculators for my kids). I’ll probably only buy a few cards (I only have a few addresses I use), and I can probably unload most of those with some online bill pays (USAA Insurance takes them). But has anyone seen a good comprehensive article about the best options to unload these things? I think some folks have success buying other gift cards with them in supermarkets and drug stores, but that seems very much YMMV and eats away at the “profits.”

      1. calwatch

        Basically actual spending. I load up my toll account and prepay phone and Internet bills with AMEXes. The phone and Internet bills would have gotten 5X on Ink so I’m not losing anything with this deal.

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