False Alarm: My Club Carlson Gold Status is not Expiring in February 2016

Good afternoon everyone.  I was doing a little spring cleaning this afternoon and decided to move a big chunk of Club Carlson points from one Club Carlson account to another.  For the record, I have a US Bank Club Carlson Credit Card and a US Bank Club Carlson Business Credit Card, both linked to separate Club Carlson accounts.  Moving points between Club Carlson accounts is super easy, just read Instantly Combine or Transfer Club Carlson Points with a Simple Call.

Club Carlson Award Wallet Balance Updated 1-10-2016

While I was on the call with a Club Carlson representative, I asked why my Gold Elite status said it was going to Expire in February 2016 and what the second line meant.  He said that since I was a US Bank Club Carlson Credit Card member, I would stay at Gold Elite status as long as my credit card was opened.  The text indicates that the current elite status ends on February 29, 2016 and that the new elite status is set to begin on March 1, 2016.  I’m not entirely sure why Club Carlson shows it this way, but I was thoroughly confused.

Club Carlson Gold Elite Status Expiring March 2016

I found the terms and conditions of the US Bank Club Carlson Credit Card online and here is the paragraph that mentions elite status:

3 Complimentary Elite Status: After opening an Account and making a first Net Purchase with the Card, you will qualify for Gold Elite status (Premier Rewards Visa Signature) or Silver Elite Status (Rewards Visa Signature and Platinum Rewards) in the Club Carlson Program. Business owners qualify for Gold Elite status in the Club Carlson program after opening an account and a first Net Purchase is made by any Cardmember (Business Rewards Visa Card). Gold (or Silver) Elite status will become effective 6 to 8 weeks after the date of the first Net Purchase. You will receive a membership card and information after your Gold (or Silver) Elite status is in effect. You will continue to maintain Gold (or Silver) Elite status so long as your Account remains open and in good standing. Complimentary Gold (or Silver) Elite status earned through the Card Benefit Program does not waive the full number of stays or nights required for Concierge (Premier Rewards Visa Signature and Business Rewards) or Gold (Rewards Visa Signature and Platinum Rewards) Elite status and you must earn Concierge or Gold Elite status in accordance with the Club Carlson Program Terms and Conditions to be eligible for higher elite status.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great evening everyone!

P.S. If you have a Club Carlson Free Night Certificate, don’t forget to redeem your cert before the expiration date.  For help redeeming your cert, please read How to Book your Club Carlson Free Night Certificate Worldwide Hotel Stay.

2 thoughts on “False Alarm: My Club Carlson Gold Status is not Expiring in February 2016

  1. Robert

    My Club Carlson account also shows a Gold expiration date of Feb 2016. I figured it would automatically renew since I have the card, but now thanks to your post, there is no more mystery. Thanks Grant!


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