Quick Reader Poll Question: Which Blog Posts do You Want to Read?

Good evening everyone. We want to write about what YOU want to read about, so please take a few minutes and cast your votes!  Please select up to 5 answers.

Did we miss any topics you’d like to read about? Let us know!  Thank you for your help and have great evening.

7 thoughts on “Quick Reader Poll Question: Which Blog Posts do You Want to Read?

  1. Vera Katz

    Travelbloggerbuzz is a must read for everyone. Buzz pulls no punches here, akways exposing the greedy credit card salesmen for what they are. He taught me everything I know about this hobby. Love the comment section, even that crazy regular Ramsey.

    HEADFORPOINTS, after my initial disappointment learning that is was not a point gaining scheme, i learned its a dam bloody good blog.

    1. Grant

      MS, what’s MS? But seriously, after Nationwide Visa Buxx Cards died, the only thing I do for MS is gift card reselling with The Plastic Merchant.

  2. John

    I would be particularly interested in award sweet spots, particularly business class, in each airline’s travel award chart. e.g., Are Lingus Boston to Dublin for 13K via British Airways Avios.

    1. shelli

      HI Chris…….good question. It was a joke that wasn’t supposed to be included in the post, but we couldn’t edit it out so it went live. It was supposed to read How NOT to bring 12 shirts and only wear 3 of them! Packing tips for those who chronically OVER pack. Good catch on your part!


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