Say Hi to Grant at the Chicago Seminars Travel Conference this Weekend (October 20-22)

Good afternoon everyone.  This weekend, October 20-22, I will be at the world famous Chicago Seminars in beautiful Chicago Elk Grove, Illinois (near Chicago O’Hare International Airport).  I love going to travel conferences, especially the Chicago Seminars.  It is great to see so many familiar friends, both readers and bloggers alike.  I will be there from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening wearing my Travel with Grant shirt.  If you see me, please stop by and say hi.

Every year, I go to several travel conferences and wear my Travel with Grant shirt, so I am very easy to spot.  But I always get emails the Monday after the event saying something along the lines of, “I saw you at the travel conferences and wanted to say hi, but I was too shy.”  Please don’t do that, if you see me, or any other travel blogger that you recognize, please stop and say hi.  We are there to meet and talk to you.  You flew or drove all the way to the travel conferences, so you just have to go the last 5-10 feet and make an introduction.  Trust me, it is worth the initial awkwardness (everyone feels like that at their first travel conference).

While you are there, keep a lookout for this guy pictured below.  His name is Ray and he knows a thing or two about churning credit cards. I hope to see some of you this weekend.  Safe travels everyone.

Grant and Ray @ Chicago Seminars (October 2014)

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