American Express Cards Will No Longer Earn 2x Membership Reward Points on Uber Rides (Effective February 1)

Updated 11pm PT on 1/4: This change affects all American Express cards, not just the American Express Platinum Card.

Good evening everyone.  I was reviewing my American Express Platinum Business Charge Card statement this afternoon and spotted this announcement.  Effective February 1, American Express Platinum cardholders will no longer earn 2x Membership Reward Points on Uber rides.  I believe this change affects all version of the Platinum Card.  I think this change has to do with the new Barclays Uber Visa Credit Card which earns 2% cash back on Uber rides.  A few months ago, Tonei wrote Lesson Learned: International Uber Rides Do Not Earn 2x Membership Reward Points, but international Uber rides haven’t earned 2x Membership Reward Points in a long time.  I looked all over my statement but could not find any more information about this announcement.

The Uber / American Express promo page still shows the 2x Membership Reward Point details.

Here are the complete terms and conditions of the offer (not updated with an end date):

2X Membership Rewards
An “eligible Card” means an American Express Consumer, Small Business or Corporate Card that is issued by in the United States by American Express and enrolled in the Membership Rewards® Program.

Earn 2X Membership Rewards Points.
You will earn 2X Membership Rewards points by earning one extra point per dollar of purchases made directly with Uber in the United States when you use an eligible Card as the method of payment. Extra points will be credited within 10-12 weeks after charges appear on your billing statement. When we calculate the extra points benefit for Amex EveryDay Card products, extra points earned with this benefit will not be included. Extra points may be reversed if a qualifying purchase is returned or cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for this benefit, you will not receive the extra points. For example, in most cases, you will not receive the extra points if your transaction is made with a third party payment account or if you use a mobile or digital wallet.

I have a lot of Uber credit from Amazon deals and use my Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card for 3x Chase Ultimate Reward Points on Uber rides, so this change does not affect me.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a good evening everyone!

17 thoughts on “American Express Cards Will No Longer Earn 2x Membership Reward Points on Uber Rides (Effective February 1)

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  2. Max

    Amex Platinum is inferior to Chase Sapphire Reserve
    Amex Platinum pretty much sucks after the 1st year bonus

    1. Restrictions on $200 airline credit
    2. High annual fee $550
    3. Low Amex MR conversion for cash

    1. Golfingboy

      Wholeheaterdly disagreee – then again it probably does for the specific benefits you want.

      AMEX benefits are better than the CSR for me.

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  5. Tonei Glavinic

    Yeah, I haven’t used an Amex card for Uber in a long time since the rewards on my CSR are so much better.

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  7. Chris

    In case other don’t know, this change applies to ALL AMEX cards that participate in this promo. So if you have an EveryDay(Preferred), PRG, or any other card that earns MR points, then you may want to consider using a different card.

    Who knows… we may see the occasional AMEX Offer for ride-shares come around now.

    1. Grant Post author

      Thank you Chris, I wasn’t sure other AMEX cards were affected by this promo since the announcement was only my AMEX Platinum.

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