Does Citi Really Know Where and When I am Traveling?

Looks like all the credit card companies are jumping on the bandwagon. A while ago, American Express told me I don’t need to alert them when I travel. Now I’m getting similar notices from Citi. The weird thing about this notice is that it says it’s based on my airline ticket purchases, but I don’t put airlines tickets on this card. I do put hotel charges on this card and save a big bundle each year  using the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit. But I also cancel those and sometimes rearrange the dates on my hotel stays.

If Citi is picking up on those hotel stays to set these alerts, I’m telling them here and now, that will be CONFUSING for them. I’m convinced, especially after the comments on my AmEx knowing where I am post, that these alerts are a good thing. Maybe I’m going to have to ignore these emails altogether and just make it part of my travel routine to notify the credit card companies when I’m traveling.

There really are very few cards I use for international travel, anyway. Citi will be doubly confused as the where I am, especially, if like this email states, they think I’m putting airfare on the card when it’s really hotel stays. And just in case, I did check to see if someone was putting airfare on my card, but that wasn’t the case. I’d enjoy the Thank You points, but wouldn’t want to pay their airfare bill!

3 thoughts on “Does Citi Really Know Where and When I am Traveling?

  1. rjb

    Citi has no clue what they are doing. I get these alerts and then they shut my account down anyway. Talking to them is no good. clueless fools.

  2. Shelli Post author

    Sounds frustrating, rjb. I had a recent issue at a hotel with a Citi card, but the hotel called Citi for me and got it fixed.

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