$50 Off SELECT Membership: Exclusive Discounts on Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, Events & More

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  A few weeks ago, I was at the Chicago Seminars travel conference and learned about SELECT, an elite membership that offers exclusive discounts on travel, dining, events and much more.  According to their website, “SELECT members enjoy unpublished rates at over 500,000 hotels & resorts and VIP perks and treatment at thousands of premier restaurants, travel partners, nightlife venues, retailers, and experiences. Enjoy airfare discounts, rental car savings, complimentary elite status and more – opportunities you won’t find offered to the general public.”  Here are some of the benefits SELECT members have access to:

  • 5% off Hawaiian Airlines flights
  • 12% off Air New Zealand flights
  • 20% off Silvercar
  • 15% off Hyatt
  • 15% off Brooks Brothers
  • 30% off Tumi
  • 25% off Tommy Bahama
  • 15% off Bose and much more.

I signed up for a SELECT membership since they were running a promotion at the Chicago Seminars.  You can get a $50 discount by using my SELECT link.  As you can see, there are 8 distinct headings when you sign into your SELECT account.  I will go through each heading and show you a sample deal available.  I did not pick and choose the best deals from each heading, just deals that stood out to me.  Lastly, new deals are constantly being added to SELECT, so check back often.  Under the Hotels heading, they offer up to 70% off bookings at 200,000+ hotels and 10% cash back at 300,000+ hotels.

I decided to do a dummy search for hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii.  From the search page, you can see some substantial savings.  These hotels are booked through an OTA (online travel agency), so you will not get any elite benefits or stay credit.  But if you prefer to stay at independent / boutique hotels, you can save a lot of money booking through SELECT Hotels.

Up next, I looked at the Travel heading.  I decided to check out the Hyatt deal to learn more.

SELECT worked with Hyatt to create their own corporate code that will save you up to 15% off your reservation. When you click through from SELECT, the corporate code is automatically added to your search.  You can book your hotel directly on the Hyatt website, so you will receive elite benefits, stay credit, and up to 15% off your reservation.

Up next, I looked at the Dining heading.  SELECT partnered with many great restaurants in various cities around the United States.  You can filter your results by city, cuisine, neighborhood (helpful in NYC), and price range.

Michael Mina (the chef) has a great restaurant in San Francisco named after himself that I have heard many good things about.  If you make a reservation through SELECT, you will get a free round of wine for your table and a signed menu from the Executive Chef.  Depending on your party size, that could be a substantial savings.  Just fill out your reservation request and the SELECT team will make your reservation.  When you arrive at the restaurant, you do not need to mention your SELECT membership, the details will already be provided to the restaurant.  At some restaurants, you can save 5-10% off your final bill, just by making your reservation through SELECT.  Again, you do not need to mention your SELECT membership to get the discount, you will see the discount automatically on your final bill.

Up next, I looked at the Nightlife heading.  SELECT partnered with many great nightclubs and exclusive hot spots in several major cities.  I am not much of a nightclub person, but I’ve heard they can be hard to get into and very expensive.

Similar to making Dining reservations, you can make Nightlife reservations through SELECT.  At the Hudson’s at Pier 81, you will receive 20% off the full bill, just by making your reservation through SELECT.

Up next, I looked at the Events heading.  Currently, they have 8 major markets.  Events come and go, so check back often for new events.  On Halloween, SELECT partnered with a Roaring 20’s Prohibition Party in NYC.

SELECT members could save $5 off their tickets and book via a special Eventbrite page.

Up next, I looked at the Entertainment heading.  SELECT partnered with many major movie theater chains, amusement parks, and museums across the country.

SELECT members can purchase AMC Black Movie Tickets for up to 40% off.  Each ticket costs $10.50, which is probably a substantial savings over general admission at some AMC movie theaters.

Up next, I looked at the Lifestyle heading.  SELECT partnered with several high end clothing, travel, and accessories brands to offer exclusive savings to SELECT members.

SELECT members can save up to 60% off Tumi travel products, which could be a savings of hundreds of dollars, depending on the suitcase.

Lastly, I looked at the Activities heading.  SELECT partnered with several activity providers in major tourist cities across the country.  To narrow down your search results, select a city from the drop down menu to see all the activities available.

SELECT negotiated lower prices or special perks for each activity.  Click through from SELECT and book directly on Vimbly.

If you are interested in becoming a SELECT member, you can get a $50 discount by using my SELECT link.  When you go through the application process, select No when it asks for a referral.  When you get to the last screen, you will see TRAVELWITHGRANT in the Invitation Code box and you will save $50 on your SELECT membership.

If you have any questions about SELECT, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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