How to Redeem City National Bank CNB Visa Infinite Points for Cash Back, Gift Cards & Merchandise

Good morning everyone.  After yesterday’s massive devaluation of the City National Bank CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card (Doctor of Credit and Frequent Miler), I started planning to close this credit card since my $400 annual fee is scheduled to be billed later this month.  But first, I had a few orphaned CNB Points that I wanted to redeem.  If you only have a few thousand CNB Points, there are not many good redemption offers, but I will show you what I saw and what I learned during this process.  To get started, sign into your CNB Rewards account or create an account.

From the CNB Rewards homepage, click the triangle next to Shop Rewards and click on a category.

Here are all the rewards you can get with your CNB Points.

Let’s look at the Cash Back and Gift Cards categories first.

The smallest cash back redemption is $25 cash back for 3,000 CNB Points (0.83 CPP).

If you prefer gift cards, there are several gift card options, but here is a $50 Amazon Gift Card for 5,500 CNB Points (0.91 CPP).

If you prefer Visa Gift Cards, you can get a $100 CNB Visa Gift Card for 13,000 CNB Points (0.77 CPP).

If you are really on a budget, you can click on “View Items for My Balance” which will show you all options from 0 up to your CNB Points balance.  There is also a cash and points option called “View Items for My Balance and Payment Card” which will show you select items you can get with your CNB Points and a small purchase on your City National Bank CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card.  With the cash and points option, you can buy up to 50% of the CNB Points you need for a redemption.

Let’s say I was interested in this knife set.  It costs 2,600 CNB Points, but I only have 2,281 CNB Points.  I can use the slider on the bottom to use up all 2,281 CNB Points and purchase the missing 319 CNB Points for $2.79 (purchase CNB Points for 0.87 CPP).

Another option is this fabric steamer for 4,500 CNB Points.  I can purchase the missing 2,219 CNB Points for $19.43 (purchase CNB Points for 0.87 CPP).

I looked through all the categories to see what I could afford with my 2,281 CNB Points and decided to get this hot/cold pack for my head.  It “only” cost 1,900 CNB Points, so I didn’t need to buy any more CNB Points.  I decided to add this item to my cart and check out.

I selected standard shipping which is free, but there are options for priority and express shipping that cost a few thousand CNB Points.

After checking out, I have 381 CNB Points left over.  At this point, I am fairly confident there is absolutely nothing I can buy for 381 CNB Points.  I also received a confirmation email for my order.

I am glad that I used up the majority of the CNB Points I received from the 75,000 point sign up bonus last year, but I am sad to lose this credit card.  I was a big fan of the $100 Visa Infinite airline discount and was looking forward to using that feature a few times in the coming months.  If you have any questions about redeeming your CNB Points, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “How to Redeem City National Bank CNB Visa Infinite Points for Cash Back, Gift Cards & Merchandise

  1. debit

    Why are you canceling the card or in other words what other card is better than this one that you would rather have that one?

    1. Grant Post author

      Basically, the $400 annual fee does not justify the benefits I get from keeping this card. I have several other travel reward credit cards that provide the benefits I need. I put a majority of my spend on the Chase Sapphire Reserve and AMEX Gold credit cards.

    1. Grant Post author

      CNB Points are worth a little more than 1 CPP when you redeem for travel, but the CNB travel portal has extra booking fees so flights are more expensive than booking through Chase or Citi.

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