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PSA: Register ASAP for Chase IHG Premier Personal & Business Credit Card $50 United Airlines TravelBank Credit

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Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  I hope you have exciting Easter, Passover, and Ramadan plans this weekend.  A few weeks ago, the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card and Chase IHG Rewards Premier Business Credit Card started offering cardholders $50 United Airlines TravelBank Credit each calendar year.  The TravelBank Credit is split into two $25 credits that appear in your United Airlines account twice a year.  I recently booked a United Airlines flight and was excited to use one of the $25 credits to save a few bucks, but it didn’t quite work out for me.  Long story short, you need to register for the benefit first and then wait up to 2 weeks for the first $25 credit to post to your United Airlines account.  Don’t make the same mistake as me and wait until you are ready to book your next United Airlines flight to sign up for the credit.

To get started, go to the IHG / United registration page and click the Sign In button.  As you can see, it says “it may take up to 2 weeks for your registration to take effect.”

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Here are the complete terms and conditions of this benefit:

Must be an IHG® Rewards Premier or Premier Business cardmember to be eligible for this benefit. Each calendar year, the primary cardmember will receive one $25 United® TravelBank cash deposit in their United MileagePlus® account on or about January 1, and another $25 United® TravelBank cash deposit on or about July 1, subject to the requirements and restrictions below. Cardmembers must complete a one-time registration to receive this benefit. Registration is available at ihg.com/united. The registration must be made through the Cardmember’s IHG® Rewards account. Only one registration per IHG® account is permitted. If the cardmember is not already a United MileagePlus® member, they must first enroll in the MileagePlus® program on united.com. If a cardmember’s membership in United’s MileagePlus® program is terminated, the cardmember will no longer be eligible to receive this benefit. For complete details about the MileagePlus Program, go to united.com.

Please allow up to two (2) weeks after registration for this benefit for the first $25 deposit of United® TravelBank Cash into the cardmember’s MileagePlus® account. TravelBank Cash that is received as part of this benefit and deposited between January 1 and June 30 will expire on July 15 of the same calendar year, regardless of deposit date. Deposits made between July 1 and December 31 will expire on January 15 of the following calendar year, regardless of deposit date. Offer subject to change.

United® TravelBank Cash accrued, awards, and benefits issued are subject to change and are subject to the rules of the United® TravelBank program and the rules of the United® MileagePlus Program, which are expressly incorporated herein. United may change the United® TravelBank program including, but not limited to, rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers or terminate the United® TravelBank program at any time and without notice. United® and its subsidiaries, affiliates and agents are not responsible for any products or services of other participating companies and partners. Taxes and fees related to award travel are the responsibility of the member. Earning TravelBank Cash does not count toward qualification for MileagePlus Premier® status. The accumulation of TravelBank Cash does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to the TravelBank program or MileagePlus program. All calculations made in connection with the TravelBank program, including without limitation with respect to the accumulation of TravelBank Cash, will be made by United® Airlines and MileagePlus in their discretion and such calculations will be considered final. Information in this communication that relates to the TravelBank program does not purport to be complete or comprehensive and may not include all of the information that a member may believe is important, and is qualified in its entirety by reference to all of the information on the united.com website and the TravelBank program rules. United® and MileagePlus are registered service marks. For complete details about the TravelBank program, go to united.com. Chase is not responsible for offer fulfillment.

The Contactless Symbol and Contactless Indicator are trademarks owned by and used with the permission of EMVCo, LLC.

Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. The above service marks are the property of IHG® Hotels & Resorts.

IHG® Rewards terms and conditions apply. For complete program details, visit ihg.com/terms. Benefits and rewards may vary by region and are based on availability.

Sign into your IHG Rewards account and click the Sign In button.

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Once you are signed into your IHG account, enter your United Airlines MileagePlus number and your last name, and then click the Register button.

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Congratulations, your registration was successful.  Now the 2 week clock starts.  I completed my registration on Wednesday, April 6.

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I was hoping for a miracle, so I signed into my United Airlines account and looked for the $25 credit.  Unfortunately, the credit did not post right away :(

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Here is what my empty United Airlines TravelBank looked like on April 6.

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I continued to check my United Airlines account every day and finally saw the $25 credit on Thursday, April 14, roughly 8 days after registering.  You will see the $25 credit at the top of your Summary page and also in the TravelBank section of your Wallet.

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Here is what my United Airlines TravelBank looked like on April 14.  As you can see, the first $25 credit expires on July 15.  Presumably, the second $25 credit will post on July 1, giving you a small 2 week window of time where you will have both $25 credits.  I’m not sure if it will be possible to use both credits for the same ticket, but that would be great if it were possible.

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If you have any questions about the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card, Chase IHG Rewards Premier Business Credit Card, or the $50 United Airlines TravelBank Credit, please leave a comment below.  Have a great Easter, Passover, and Ramadan weekend everyone!

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3 thoughts on “PSA: Register ASAP for Chase IHG Premier Personal & Business Credit Card $50 United Airlines TravelBank Credit

  1. TravelerMike

    Any insight into whether or not one would get $50 every 6 months, if you had both the consumer and the business card?

    1. Grant Post author

      Hey Mike, I am not sure, but I would think if you had both the personal and business IHG CC that you would get $25 per card every 6 months. Do you have both cards to try?

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