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Sinemia App Update: View Number of Tickets Used, Plan Start Date & Next Billing Date

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  A few weeks ago, Sinemia sent out an email to all members telling them about 7 new features / improvements coming in December.  Today, I noticed that the Sinemia app had an update that will tell you how many movies you have seen this month and details of your Sinemia subscription (plan start date, cycle renew date, and next billing date).  I will show you where those features are located in the app and share my thoughts on the changes.

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7 New Features / Improvements Coming Soon to Sinemia

Good afternoon everyone.  Sinemia just sent out an email to all members with the title, “We Have Lots of Great News for You! Check Out Sinemia’s New Features.”  I copied and pasted the 7 new features / improvements coming soon to Sinemia and added my thoughts below.  Let’s get started!

1 – You asked for it! Physical cards are back and they are more secure than ever

Sinemia is bringing back the physical cards. You will be able to order yours by next week. Physical card owners can avoid all online ticket fees by using Sinemia card at the box office.

TWG: I joined Sinemia a few months ago, so I have only ever used the Sinemia Cardless advance ticket purchase feature.  I look forward to using a physical card to purchase movie tickets at the movie theater.

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Sinemia Now Offering Weekday Only Plans that are 20% Cheaper

Good afternoon everyone.  I just read about this change on Business Insider and had to check it out myself.  Sinemia is now offering Weekday Only plans that are ~20% cheaper than their Any Day plans.  With Weekday Only plans, you can see movies Monday through Thursday; and with Any Day plans, you can see movies any day of the week.  You can check out the plans here.  If you are new to Sinemia, please read this post about recent changes to their service.

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Sinemia Good & Bad: New Halloween Promo, But $1.80 Cardless Service Fee Per Ticket

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  In today’s post, I have good things and bad things to say about Sinemia.  Let’s start with the good news.  Right now, probably through October 31, Sinemia is running a Halloween Sale on their individual and family plans.  For an individual, the 3 movie Classic Plan looks like a great deal at $8.99 / month.  Some of the family plans look good, but none of them offer a discount over purchasing 2 individual plans.  But before you purchase a Sinemia plan, there is some bad news to share…

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Sinemia’s Fall Promo & Trying to Understand Cardless Activation and Membership Dates

Good morning, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Yesterday, I talked about MoviePass (Cannot Sign Into MoviePass App on New iPhone Due to “Unauthorized Device” Error Message).  Today, I will give Sinemia some love too.  Sinemia, a MoviePass competitor, recently launched their Fall Season Promo where you can get 3 movies per month for $9.99, 30 movies per month for $29.99 or several other combinations of 2D / 3D movies and family plans.  If you are not familiar with Sinemia, please read this post.  I also wanted to explain how Sinemia’s Cardless Activation process works and if it is worth an extra $9.99 to activate your membership right away.

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