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Too Many JetBlue Points from Amazon Shopping? Convert them into Other Miles & Points

Good morning everyone, happy Friday. I don’t know about you, but I’m racking up a ton of JetBlue TrueBlue points from shopping on Amazon. Ever since JetBlue added Amazon to their points partner list, I’ve been earning 3x JetBlue points on all my Amazon purchases. Since the Amazon partnership launched, I’ve earned 7,000+ JetBlue TrueBlue points. That is great and all, but I’m not much of a JetBlue flyer. I’m currently sitting on 70,000+ JetBlue TrueBlue points, but I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. That’s when I remembered that JetBlue allows you to convert points into other miles and points through Points.com. Let’s see if there are any decent conversion options out there…

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My TD Bank Connect Card Shutdown Letter & 1 Month Grace Period

Good morning everyone, happy MLK Jr. Day.  I hope you are having a great holiday weekend.  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon eGift Card. By the time you read this post, I will be somewhere in Central America.  A long time ago, I had a TD Bank checking account (thank you for the $200 checking account bonus, TD Bank) and I signed up for a TD Bank Connect Card.  The TD Bank Connect Card is a prepaid reloadable debit card which can only be funded with a TD Bank credit card (I used my TD Bank Aeroplan Credit Card as the funding source).

After several months of using my TD Bank Connect Card (and racking up Aeroplan miles on the credit card), I received the following letter from TD Bank stating that they were going to close my TD Bank Connect Card due to unusual activity (apparently loading and withdrawing funds from a prepaid reloadable debit card is unusual).  Luckily, TD Bank sent me the letter in early December and told me they were going to close my TD Bank Connect Card on January 4, 2018.  I’m not sure why they gave me a full month of use after they determined that they were going to close my card, but TD Bank is “America’s Most Convenient Bank”.

Since I had nothing to lose, I increased my use of the TD Bank Connect Card (go big or go home) until early January when my card was closed on January 4, 2018.  At the bottom of the letter, it said that any funds left on the card after the card was closed would be sent back to me via check.  I didn’t test that out since I didn’t want to float the money to TD Bank until I received the check, but I did give it a second thought.

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NOT All Dreamliner Configurations Are Created Equal

We gather miles and points and look forward with excitement to booking an award ticket. We’ve even got enough in our stash for a business class ticket… for TWO! We have our eye on a route and airline and we’re excited because they fly a Dreamliner 787. Maybe we’ve flown a Dreamliner before and can’t wait to fly it again, or maybe it’s our first time and we’re stoked. If this is you, and you either have a Dreamliner flight booked or hopes of booking one in the future, and you actually LIKE the person you’ll be flying with and want to share a fun Dreamliner experience with them, this post is for you. Why? Because not ALL Dreamliners are the same! And I don’t want you to have the same disappointing experience I recently had.

I’m a Dreamliner fan and given some routing choices, I will even position myself in a city to fly the Dreamliner. I wouldn’t consider myself an aviation geek, but I do enjoy flying different planes and seeing what they have to offer. Over the past few years, I’ve become enamored with the Dreamliner, so recently I positioned myself to Calgary, Canada just to fly Air Canada’s Dreamliner to London. I found out something startling… at least startling to me. All Dreamliners are not the same in the way each airline designs the interior. Up until this point, all the Dreamliner flights I’ve flown had similar designs, so this potential difference in design never occurred to me. But Air Canada’s design has two major flaws.

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ICYMI: Travel News Roundup for Saturday, May 13, 2017

Here’s all the news that caught my eye this week – let me know in the comments if I missed something important or helped you find something new!

Airlines + Miles

Air Canada announced they plan to end their contract with Aimia, the company that runs Aeroplan, and launch their own in-house loyalty program in 2020. Many questions remain, including what happens to existing Aeroplan balances and whether the miles will be worth anything after the transition. Aimia’s stock dropped 57% after the announcement. [Toronto Star]

Alaska Airlines lounges now offer access to Virgin America passengers traveling on paid or award (not upgraded) first class tickets. [Travel Codex]

Alaska also announced that they will extend elite status for a year for Alaska Airlines and Virgin America elite members who take time off of work for a new child. [Skift]

Air India is launching nonstop service from New Delhi to Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Washington Dulles. [Travel Codex]

Delta has partnered with LSTN Sound Co. to offer sleek, socially conscious noise cancelling headphones in its Delta One suites this summer. [Runway Girl Network]

Flying Blue miles can get you from the US to Hawaii on Delta for just 15,000 miles one way. [Travel with Grant]

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is going to spend $38 million to create temporary bus gates in Terminal D while it works on a permanent airport expansion. [Travel Codex]

United is increasing its domestic presence out of SFO with more flights and bigger planes in response to Alaska’s expansion. [Travel Codex]

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