How to Close your American Express Serve Card

If you ever decide to switch from your American Express Serve Card to a Bluebird Card or Target Redbird Card, you will first have to close your American Express Serve Card.  Follow this tutorial and your Serve Card will be closed in a few minutes.  The first thing you need to do is log into your Serve online account and click the profile link.

Serve Home Page 1-15-2015

On your profile page, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click the Close Account button.

Serve Profile Section 1 Serve Profile Section 2 Serve Profile Section 3

Select a reason from the drop down menu, enter a reason in the text box and click the Close Account button.

Close Serve Account 2

Your Serve Card has been successfully closed.  You have 90 days to log into your Serve Card and view old monthly statements.

Serve Account Permanently Closed

If you try to log back into your Serve online account, you will see the following message.  If you decide to reopen your Serve Card, call the Serve Customer Service number at 1-800-954-0559.

Serve Account Permanently Closed View Statements

You will also receive a confirmation email from American Express regarding your closed Serve Card.

Serve Card Closed Confirmation Email

If you plan on opening a Bluebird account or Target Redbird account, you should be able to apply for the new card right away.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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16 thoughts on “How to Close your American Express Serve Card

    1. Grant

      Redbird is still in limited areas. I haven’t been to Seattle lately, so I am not sure if they have Redbird Cards in Seattle-area Target stores.

  1. Sam

    Is today a good time to close Serve? I already got a temp card with a load of $500. I heard somewhere that we can load upto $1500 on temp card. How long does it take for the permanent card to arrive?

    If it comes this month – that’s great. If not, then I will try early next month.

    1. Grant

      It is only good to close a Serve Card if you have plans to open a Bluebird or Redbird Card. I wouldn’t close my Serve Card without having a plan to get one of the other cards.

    1. Grant

      No, I got my Redbird Card from a recent visit to Colorado. You can also buy the temp Redbird Cards on Ebay for around $30. Not sure if that is worth it though.

  2. BG

    I got mine for about $30 from Ebay and it was worth it for me. By the time Redbird flies to California it may be too late due to some possible MS crack down by Target. Get a Redcard that is pre-loaded at least a penny. That way it’s one less hurtle to get full activation of the permanent card. The clerks in Californa Targets are pretty clueless on the Amex version and may not know how to activate it at all.

  3. holly

    How do you close your account with out a card number? I have zeroed out my account and there is no online option to close. When I call it asks for my card number which I do not have (never activated and probably got cut up a couple years ago).


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