Put me in, Coach! Travel with Grant moves to Boarding Area!

Good afternoon everyone, I have some very excited news to share.  Starting today, Travel with Grant is moving to the Boarding Area home page, permanently!  Do you see the new Boarding Area banner at the top of the page?  It’s official!

For those that don’t know, Travel with Grant was born on May 1, 2013.  The idea of starting a travel blog came to me as I was reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau (Amazon) on my way home from FTU DC (the first FTU DC in Tysons Corner, Virginia).  Travel with Grant was the first blog I ever created and I had never touched WordPress before then.

Fast forward 21 months later and here I am… on the home page of Boarding Area!

TWG Stats from May 13 to Jan 15

In my first month of blogging, I received 3,314 total page views.  Nowadays, I receive that many page views in a single day.  My next goal is to break the 100,000 page views mark in a single month.  February is going to be tough since there are only 28 days this month.

I thought it would be fun to document some of the interesting things that have happened over the last 21 months.  Does anyone remember my first rotating gif banner?

Travel with Grant Logo

I then had a friend created Travel with Grant logo 1.0, which was printed on a few custom t-shirts from Vista Print (I still wear these shirt to meetups and travel conferences).

TWG Logo

Then a few months ago, a reader created Travel with Grant logo 2.0 and I couldn’t be happier.  It is much cleaner and more elegant than I thought possible.


Ok, enough with the banners, let’s get to some interesting stats:

TWG Stats from May 13 to Jan 15

Enough about me though.  I want to thank each and every one of you for your comments, questions, emails, tweets, and the occasional Facebook message.  You guys keep me going, day in and day out.  Thank you and keep up the great work, I’m counting on you all!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

62 thoughts on “Put me in, Coach! Travel with Grant moves to Boarding Area!

  1. seth

    Great work and congrats! Just yesterday I saw Doctor of Credit link to your page and thought how cool it was that you were making it big! Congrats on your success.

  2. Kent C

    Well deserved. Content is always fantastic and you are very reasonable with your ads, not going overboard. Best blog and I read them all…and comment on most of them. That said, MS is my interest and you deliver.

      1. Jeff M

        Yes Grant. I’m headed to San Diego next month…can’t wait to get some Sun!! Glad to hear you’ve been having successful meetups in the Bay area.

  3. Pts

    Congrats. I like your content but you may want to spend a little more time proofreading. There’s a couple typos in this post

  4. Victor

    well deserved.. I think I was one of the first to ask questions on your original site… I think it was about using avios for hawaii…

  5. Yeshu

    Congrats on the milestone, Grant! Well deserved.

    Your Amtrak train series was amazing…Am trying to save miles for that trip. Hopefully, soon.

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  7. Paul

    Congrats Grant! i do think you deserve it! And I noticed that you’ve got your credit card sign-up links for AMEX, Chase etc. back as well…… Does that mean you’re giving up looking for a ‘real’ job?

    1. Grant

      I’m still looking for a real job, the credit card affiliate payout are few and far between. If I started to earn more income that was consistent, then I would probably become a full time blogger. Thanks for reading, Paul!

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