Remember to Enroll your Non-AMEX Issued AMEX Cards in AMEX Sync Offers

(Hat Tip to Steven for the email)

Good morning everyone, sorry for being MIA (missing in action) the last few days, my cousin / roommate got married yesterday, so this week has been very busy helping out and picking up relatives from the airport.  I am severely “backblogged” at the moment, but here is a quick reminder in regards to AMEX Offers.  As you probably know, American Express has been quite generous lately with their AMEX Offers (see Smart & Final and

Most people are able to enroll their American Express credit and charge cards online through the American Express website.  You may also have a credit card with the AMEX logo that is not issued by American Express.  Some examples include the Wells Fargo Propel AMEX, Bank of America Fidelity AMEX, and US Bank FlexPerks AMEX).  Frequent Miler has a great post on how to register those non-AMEX issues AMEX cards into the AMEX Offers.  I read that post long ago but forgot to sync my US Bank FlexPerks AMEX until Steven sent me an email.  The process is really easy and the confirmation emails arrive just as fast.  However, you do not receive push notifications when you use non-AMEX issued AMEX cards.

Here are the confirmation emails:

  • Left side: AMEX Old Blue Cash registered through AMEX Offers
  • Right side: US Bank FlexPerks AMEX registered through AMEX Offers on Twitter

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

26 thoughts on “Remember to Enroll your Non-AMEX Issued AMEX Cards in AMEX Sync Offers

  1. Seth

    I read a blogger mention being able to sync some store credit cards like Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Do you know anything about this? I have an old Macy’s card but as far as I know I can’t use it anywhere but Macy’s. I do have a toys r us card that is a MC and I can use anywhere. Maybe there is another kind of Macy’s card that isn’t like the Macy’s card I have? I guess if I were not so lazy I could just dig out my Macy’s card and try to sync….but it just seems so unlikely to work.

    1. Grant

      You might have a Macy’s Store Card, not a Macy’s Credit Card. There might be a difference in where you can use both cards. You can try to sync any credit card that has an AMEX logo. I believe Bluebird and Serve Cards work, but not Redbird Cards.

  2. Rich

    Have you tried the offer yet? I bought a $20 SamsClub gift card to test it out. Im still waiting for the credit. I usually get an email almost instantly, but I haven’t received one yet.

    1. Grant

      I’ve heard that the offer is a bit messed up at the moment. The transaction posts as SamsClub Photo and doesn’t trigger the AMEX statement credit. This issue should be fixed in a few days.

  3. Tracy

    I got offer for 1 card through I have others 2 cards that connect to Twitter and Facebook, but still don’t get this offer.

  4. alex

    Quick update — Sams club is now showing up correctly on Amex (I verified it on my own Amex accounts). For some reason, Serve and Bluebird are still showing online photo though. Hopefully those get fixed soon too.

    In case anyone is looking for any ideas on what to get, I bought multiple transactions of Samsclub $20 gift cards which I will plan to use in store.

    I don’t actually have a Sams Club membership. But I will join — with this slightly complicated process (read about it on slickdeals and fatwallet:)

    There is a coupon on Kroger right now for $15 off two $25 Groupon gift cards, so I’m going to go to Ralphs (Kroger) and buy $50 of Groupon credit for $35.

    Then I am going to go to groupon and buy a $45 Sams club membership using the gift cards I just got (essentially will cost $35 from groupon gift cards I just bought and I will have $5 groupon credit still!)

    This membership includes an ADDITIONAL $20 coupon for anything at Sams Club, and an extra $22.94 worth of food coupons for free food (a rotisserie chicken, 3lbs salsa, and gourmet cupcakes).

    I will then bring all of my Sams Club gift cards in store to buy about $200 worth of stuff (from my 10 Amex cards + auth users) and will walk into Sams Club and get a buncha stuff for free. And dinner for a few nights.

    I love Amex.

    1. Grant

      That is a great way to stack deals. I’m not sure if there are Sam’s Club stores near me, but I might give that a shot. Thanks for sharing and let me know how it goes.

          1. Alex

            I would but then I can’t get the $15 Kroger only discount (needs to be loaded to my ralphs card)

  5. Yuckmouth

    What if I linked my fidelity amex to an account but can’t remember what one? I logged in to all the usual ones but it was not linked. Any way for them to deactivate based on card number and re-register it?

    1. Grant

      I would try and register the Fidelity AMEX to one of your existing accounts. If you get an error message that says it’s already registered to another social media, maybe you can deauthorize that account. I’m not sure what to do.

  6. iahphx

    Thanks for the heads up. I forgot about that. I have a no-fee PenFed AMEX card from years ago when they used to offer 5% off airline tickets. I typically now use the card 1 time a year AMEX Small Business Saturday. But the sam’s club deal would seem worth registering everything!

    I’ve now registered all my AMEX cards, but I’m waiting a bit for the smoke to clear — given the reports of problems with the “photo” postings. I’d like to buy gift cards online to use at Walmart.

    I read somewhere that if you register for a Sam’s Club account with a California address, you don’t have to pay the 10% surcharge — and you can ship to anywhere you like. Can anyone confirm this?

    For folks wanting to register all their cards, I find the instructions provided by Dan’s Deals to sync and unsync off one twitter account to be pretty easy to follow. I do this for all my AMEX accounts that I can’t register to an ID (Serve, Bluebird, etc) and simply use the multiple browser trick.

    1. Grant

      Certain gift cards from can be shipped and others with digital downloads won’t work if you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership. I bought the Groupon deal this morning but you have to visit a physical store to get your account set up. But I think the 10% surcharge does not apply to CA residents. I’m not sure about shipping to another state though.

      1. alex

        Found a groupon gift card at another Ralphs !

        Calculated out that $30.20 gets me (after Amex BCP credit card cashback and referral link cashback)

        Sams Club Membership for year
        $20 Sams Club coupon
        100 Kroger Fuel points (10 cents per gallon for a fillup at Shell)
        Rotisserie Chicken
        3 lbs of salsa
        8 cupcakes
        $5 groupon bucks


        One additional helpful tip is that I “texted” all the local Ralphs grocery store to find out which had groupon available using the “Talk” App (look it up on iphone). It lets you search for local businesses and send them a “text”. Takes a few minutes but they usually always reply. (I think someone from the “Talk” company calls the store and transcribes a text back to you).

  7. Kristin

    Thanks for all the savings at Smart and Final!! You and I met at a mini DO in San Diego and then I saw you again at FTU Advanced SD. Sent you a private email about $10 off at Smart and Final. Feel free to share!


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