US Bank Club Carlson Visa Signature and Business Cardholders Receiving Free Night E-Certificate (Different from Anniversary Night Certificates)

Good Saturday morning everyone (I am writing this post at 12:02am).  Earlier Friday night, I saw a few tweets from @Tym2Trvl about a letter he received from US Bank regarding a free night certificate from Club Carlson.  Luckily, I got the same letter today and have uploaded the letters for my US Bank Club Carlson Visa Signature Credit Card ($75 annual fee version) and my US Bank Club Carlson Business Credit Card.

Coincidentally while calling US Bank to activate my US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card (only took 1 month between applying and receiving the credit card, that’s a story for another blog post), I asked the rep about the letter.  He did not have much info to share, but he did say the letter was probably sent directly from Club Carlson and was not related to the free night certificate after spending $10,000 on the card.  I can confirm that I have not spent $10,000 on my personal or business Club Carlson credit cards in the current year.

The letter says that I will receive an E-Certificate valid for 1 night at any Carlson Rezidor (Club Carlson) hotel worldwide.  The E-Certificate would arrive via email directly from Club Carlson.  At the bottom of the letter, the disclosure says the E-Certificate will post to my Club Carlson account within 6-8 weeks and will be good for 12 months from issuance.

GT Club Carlson eCert Letter

This is the US Bank Club Carlson Business Credit Card letter which looks identical to the above personal letter.  If you downgraded to the US Bank Club Carlson Credit Card (no annual fee version), I am not sure if you will get the letter.  If you recently closed your personal or business Club Carlson credit card, I am not sure if you will get the letter either.  If you have any data points that contradict that, please leave a comment below.

TWG Club Carlson eCert Letter

During my mad dash to use as many Club Carlson points as possible before the devaluation, I made several bookings for Europe in January.  Assuming these E-Certificates can be used worldwide with no blackout dates, I will probably try to use these E-Certificates for my most expensive (points) redemptions and have the Club Carlson points redeposited back to my Club Carlson account.  I hope that plan works out.  I will keep you updated.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

14 thoughts on “US Bank Club Carlson Visa Signature and Business Cardholders Receiving Free Night E-Certificate (Different from Anniversary Night Certificates)

  1. David

    I cancelled my Club Carlson card about two months ago. Received the e-certificate letter today. We’ll see if they actually follow through on emailing the certificate to me.

  2. Aaron

    I received the same letter yesterday. One point of clarification however – it doesn’t say it will post to your Club Carlson account within 6-8 weeks. It says the E-Certificate will be sent to the email address used in your profile.

    Pay close attention to your spam folders over the next two months!

  3. Mike H

    I opted to keep mine open (AF due in June) as we’re planning a 2016 trip to Europe and will find value in their points at several hotels. I did not receive this letter however. Grumble.

  4. brteacher

    I have only ever had the Platinum version of the card (not the Visa Signature version), and I got the letter. I have not spent $10,000 since getting the card in April.


    Definitely not tied to the $10,000 spend as I have the no fee version of the card which does not carry this perk (if that’s what you call it).

    I, too, received the letter so I am quietly anticipating checking my in-box from now for the next 6 – 8 weeks to see if the e-certificate magically appears. That would be great as I have a 2 for 1 award at the Radisson Blu Champs Elysee coming up and it would be great to tack on an extra night at the hotel.

    I think that CC recognized that a paltry 7,500 points compensation and the ability for some of us to earn a free US night upon $10,000 spend was off-putting, perhaps they are doing so for legal/regulatory reasons.

    In any event, a free night worldwide like Hilton offers for that $10,000 spend would have been something to consider.

    Anyway, I’ll take whatever free perk they are dishing my way!

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  7. m

    Got letters yesterday, then actual certificate by email next day. Slight delay for emailed certificates between business and personal accounts- several hours. No 10k spend on either. Cards still open. Parents: exact same data, but personal cards downgraded to no-fee (still got letter & cert), plus one business card closed after devaluation (still got letter and cert).


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