Weekend Roundup of New AMEX Offers, BofA BankAmeriDeals, and Chime Card Offers

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  I’ve spent most of the morning backing up my Windows 8.1 tablet and upgrading to Windows 10.  In the world of miles and points, there are many new cash back offers to share, starting with AMEX Offers for J.Crew Factory, Paul Martin’s American Grill, and PC Rush.  I also have 14 Bank of America BankAmeriDeals and 8 Chime Card Offers to share.

J.Crew Factory AMEX Offer

Here are the other 2 AMEX Offers:

BankAmeriDeals from Bank of America are usually targeted.  I’ve been using my BofA credit cards more often than normal in the last few weeks, so the number of BankAmeriDeals have started to increase.  Still no amazing deals here, but they might be good for some people.

BofA BankAmeriDeals 8-29-2015

Last but not least, I received the following email from Chime.  Chime email = new Chime Offers.

Chime Card Grocery Store

When I logged into my Chime Card account, I see 8 offers available for Target, Quiznos, REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nike, Airbnb, Everlane, and World Wildlife Fund.

Chime Card Offers 8-29-2015

The most interesting offer is for Target: spend $25 and get $5 cash back.  There are only 94 offer spots available (as of 2pm PT on 8/29/15), so this offer should run out before the September 10 deadline.  Act fast if you are interested.

Target Chime Card Offer $5 Off $25

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup of New AMEX Offers, BofA BankAmeriDeals, and Chime Card Offers

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  2. Jason

    Are the Bank Amerideal cashback only earned for ONE of the credit cards under your entire profile? EG. I have 4 B of A credit cards linked to BankAmerideals. Can I get the cash back once, or 4 times?



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