Weekend Roundup: Chime Card Offers, BankAmeriDeals & Panera Bread on Visa Savings Edge

Good morning everyone, I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  If you want to save a little money during the last few holiday shopping days, check out your Chime Card offers.  There are several offers for movie theaters (Star Wars anyone?), cable providers (college football bowl games anyone?), car insurance (not as much fun to pay for), dining out at Chipotle and In-N-Out, and several other retail offers.

Chime Card Offers 12-18-2015

I have been using my Bank of America credit cards more recently, so I started getting several BankAmeriDeals.  Most of the deals are related to restaurants, clothing retailers, and hotel chains.  Depending on your location and shopping history, your offers may differ.

BankAmeriDeals 20151218-1 BankAmeriDeals 20151218-2

Last but not least, my beloved (but almost forgotten) Visa Savings Edge recently added a new partner to their offering.  You can get 2% cash back when you spend $35 or more at Panera Bread.  I recommend buying a $35 Panera Bread gift card with your enrolled Visa business credit card.  I’m curious if you can double dip by using a Bank of America business credit card to participate in BankAmeriDeals.  Does anyone know?

Panera Bread Visa Savings Edge

I have a few more posts in the pipeline that I am working on, so hopefully I get this published over the next coming days.  Have a great weekend!

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