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American Express Hilton Aspire $250 Airline Fee Credits Post Quickly

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Good morning everyone.  A few weeks ago, I received my American Express Hilton Honors Aspire Credit Card and I have been busy meeting the $4,000 minimum spend requirement and taking advantage of all the card benefits.  This credit card includes a $250 airline fee credit very similar to the American Express Platinum Charge Cards.  You select your airline of choice, make qualifying purchases, and get reimbursed up to $250 every calendar year.  I decided to test this out and see how quickly the airline fee credits post.  Result: these airline fee credits post incredibly quickly!  Scroll down to learn more about the $250 airline fee credit.

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In the Benefits section, the Travel section has lots of good deals.  This is where you can enroll in the Airline Fee Credit, select your airline, and track your progress toward the $250 yearly cap.

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According to the terms, the credits should post within 2-4 weeks, but in reality, the credits post within 2-3 days.  As far as which purchases qualify for the airline fee credit, let’s just say that you should not always believe everything written.

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If you have any questions about redeeming your $250 airline fee credit, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

P.S. If you are interested in applying for the American Express Hilton Honors Aspire Credit Card, please use my referral link.  Thank you!

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42 thoughts on “American Express Hilton Aspire $250 Airline Fee Credits Post Quickly

  1. Max

    It’s a shame AMEX still uses this archaic airline credit. Amex cards from other counties have a travel reimbursement similar to the CSR

  2. Jenny

    Thank you so much for this post! I just got the Aspire and thought it was $3,000 in the first three months–I might have missed out on 100K points, if I hadn’t read your post. Do you have recommendations for how to choose which airline for the credit?

    1. Grant Post author

      I chose Southwest Airlines since that is my primary airline. It depends where you live and where you want to fly to.

      1. Cafente

        It’s my airline too, but bags fly free and upgraded boarding is a minimal cost. What did you do for $125? I just got the card and am trying to get some of that money back this calendar year!
        Happy Holidays!!

        1. Cafente

          Ahh, sorry should have read all the posts. Question answered, but the fine print said no gift cards so I didn’t consider them…good to know!!

        2. Grant Post author

          I bought SWA eGCs, but that no longer works with AMEX. If you have SWA points, I recommend booking an international trip (Mexico or the Caribbean). The taxes/fees for the flight will be ~$50. Pay with your AMEX CC and the taxes/fees will get reimbursed by AMEX. Then after 1 day, you can cancel the ticket and get your SWA points back. The travel funds will be yours for the next year to use.

  3. isaac

    did you charge incidentals or was $125 the fare? Some folks simply due to status wont have any fees to pay so either they will have to buy a gift card if the carrier has them or charge an air fare, or not get the $250 unless fares work as well

    1. Ramon

      I purchased Delta GCs with my Amex Platinum and they were reimbursed, I believe you must purchase them in $50 incraments.

  4. David

    Booked a trip to Jamaica using points, Have fee of 145.00 in taxes and fees, Has anyone had luck getting a credit with the AMEX Aspire credit of $250.00?

    1. Grant Post author

      What airline are you flying? Did you select that airline as your airline of choice with your Hilton Aspire CC? You needed to select the airline before paying the airline charge.

  5. Lynn

    Thanks for all the help with this. Did you do the $250 airline credit by buying the southwest gift cards before spending the $4k? Was wondering if Amex would give me any trouble for spending on gift cards and maybe not give me the 100k points? I have already spent the full 4k without doing the gift cards, but my points haven’t posted yet. Waiting for statement to close.

    1. Grant Post author

      Just to be on the safe side, I would spend $4,000+ without triggering the $250 airline credit. After you get the sign up bonus points, then work on the airline credit. In my case, I think I mixed it in with my other spending, but made sure to spend $4,000+ include the $250 airline credit.

      1. Lynn

        Thanks, I thought many were mixing it in with other spending. My extra 100k points did now post after 4k spend without waiting for statement to close. Now I’ll go ahead with the egift cards.

  6. Eli

    I selected Alaska Airlines as my preferred airline. Do you know if the $250 would apply to purchasing an Alaska Airlines annual boardroom membership?

    1. Grant Post author

      Just to make sure the GC purchase would trigger the statement credit. I didn’t want to gamble that the full $250 would trigger the statement credit.

  7. Chris

    Hey Grant, great article! I recently received my Hilton Honors Aspire Card and activated my benefits. I purchased a $50 gift card from SWA to utilize my $250 flight credit. It has only been about 3 days, but thus far no credit. I also see that it was coded SPD/Air Freight. Do you have any information in regards to this? Are gift cards no longer working for this credit? Any info would be helpful!

    Thank you,


    1. Grant Post author

      I think you just need to wait a few more days for the statement credit to post. You did select SWA and purchase an eGC from SWA’s website, right?

      1. Chris

        Correct… but chose the airline about an hour before I made the purchase. Would that make a difference? Thanks again for the reply…

          1. Zach

            @Chris Did the credit finally show up? I have the exact same issue (SWA) for basically the exact same time frame but I purchased a $100 eGC instead of a $50 one. The transaction finalized ~4 days ago but no credit shows up yet. I’m hoping this still works.

            @Grant I see the same thing as Chris does with the transaction being coded as SPD/Air Freight. Were your purchases back in April coded the same way? Maybe they changed something and it would be beneficial to let people know.

            Thanks guys!

          2. Chris

            Zach… it came through yesterday. So approximately 5 days to post the credit. So it definitely still triggers the flight credit. Hope this helps…

          3. Grant Post author

            Hi Zach, here is what the charge looks like on my AMEX Hilton Aspire CC:

            Southwest Airlines – DALLAS, TX
            Grant Thomas

            Ticket Number: ###############
            Document Type: SPD/AIR FREIGHT

            View Details on Merchant Website
            PO BOX 36611
            UNITED STATES
            Additional Information: ########## (214) 792 – 4223
            Reference: ##################
            Category: Travel – Airline

          4. Chris

            Not sure if my reply went through or not, but yes mil just received credit. It took about 5 days, but it’s there.

            Same coding and everything Grant laid out was on my statement as well.

    1. Grant Post author

      Yes, you must log into your American Express online account, go to your Hilton Aspire CC, go to benefits, go to the airline reimbursement benefit, and select your airline of choice.

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  9. KP

    I bought 2 $100 SWA giftcards from the website one on Jan 1, 2nd on 1/2 and a $50 on 1/3. I never got reimbursed with the Aspire. When I called in March and asked about it they said it came thru as a ticket purchase which they don’t cover. I got it covered the year before.


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