Chase Honored 20,000 Point Offer on Upgraded Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your day is going well.  2 days ago, I wrote My New Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card Arrived & Upgrade Offer Discrepancy.  In that post, I told you that I accepted a 20,000 point upgrade offer to upgrade from my old Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card to the new Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card.  But when I got the credit card and confirmed with the rep that my upgrade offer was 20,000 points, the rep told me that my account only showed a 10,000 point upgrade offer.

After that call, I sent Chase a Secure Message (SM) with the screenshots of the 20,000 point upgrade offer.  Shortly after that, I received a response.  My 20,000 point upgrade offer “will be honored” (I would hope so, since that is why I upgraded), after my first purchase.  To get the 20,000 point upgrade offer, I had to make 1 purchase.  After that purchase posted, I was told to reply to the Secure Message “to claim the offer.”

2 days later, my first purchase posted to my new Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card, so I took a screenshot of that purchase and responded to the Secure Message.  Shortly after that, I received a response that the 20,000 point upgrade offer was completed and I would see the 20,000 bonus Marriott Rewards Points on my next statement.

I checked my Marriott Rewards account activity and did not see any bonus points from the upgrade offer, just normal points from the business and prior personal credit cards.

So that is it.  If you took screenshots of the upgrade offer and were told a different upgrade offer, send those screenshots to Chase and then make your first purchase.  Chase is usually much better with their IT, but this resolution was pretty simple.  If you do not have screenshots, I hope Chase will take your word for the upgrade offer and not stick you with the standard 10,000 point upgrade offer.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

Update: Here is the email I received from Chase regarding upgrading to the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card:

6 thoughts on “Chase Honored 20,000 Point Offer on Upgraded Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card

  1. Dave

    II got the 20,000 points offer on the web site but only 10,000 points on the phone call. I did not unfortunately take a screenshot. They refused to honor the 20,000 point offer. That teaches me a lesson.

    1. Grant Post author

      Dang, that’s terrible. I’m sorry you are getting only 10,000 points. Maybe Chase will fix the IT issue and five you the correct number of points.

  2. Kalboz

    I also got the 20K Marriott Rewards points for the upgrade Premium Plus card and chase says that these points will post after the next closing date. Chase also confirmed that the anniversary free night date has not been changed and they will issue the free night as I did not get a new card.


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