Come Visit Me at FTU Sydney!

Sorry in advance for the short notice!

I found out just a couple of weeks ago that I was planning to be in Sydney at the same time as the Frequent Traveler University is happening this year. And even better, just last weekend, I agreed to come on as a last minute addition to the already awesome list of speakers!

FTU Sydney is happening this coming weekend – November 17 – 18, 2018, and I would absolutely love to see you there! Now, I know that it’s pretty unlikely that anyone is going to book last minute flights to Sydney to see me speak at the FTU, but it would be so fun to see some friendly faces that already happen to be in Sydney!

I’ll be joining in on a talk about maintaining status as an expat (or otherwise non-fully US based person) and I’ll also be leading a talk on Alaska Airlines, Avianca, and ANA.

If you happen to be in town but are just hearing about the FTU Sydney now, you are in luck! Tickets are still available for the weekend and cost $299 AUD. The event hotel is the Mercure in Sydney’s Central Business District – definitely a great location!

Please comment if you’re going to be in the area or if you’re interested in me writing a blog post about my presentation.

Oh, and in case it isn’t obvious, FTUs are a TON of fun. I met three of my favorite travel friends EVER at my first FTU in Washington D.C. back in 2013. Not even joking that that event changed my life. But that’s a story for another day!

3 thoughts on “Come Visit Me at FTU Sydney!

    1. Caroline Lupini

      There are definitely a lot of awesome speakers coming! If you already know a bunch about points and miles it’s still a great group of people to make friends with.

      1. HAI PHAM

        I have a few friends who live in Sydney but I did not see any benefits for them since they can’t get good credit card bonus.


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