My Recent American Express Hilton Aspire Credit Card Retention Offer

Good morning everyone.  2 months ago, I wrote Keep, Cancel or Convert? American Express Hilton Aspire Credit Card ($450 Annual Fee).  In that post, I shared that I was offered a retention offer by the American Express rep: earn 10,000 bonus Hilton Honors points after spending $2,000 in 3 months. 10,000 Hilton Honors points is worth about $50 to me and I was planning on keeping the credit card anyways, so I accepted the offer.  A few minutes after the call, I received the following email from American Express.  Unfortunately, the email did not mention any of the retention offer details, but I decided to spend $2,000 on the credit card anyway.

Fast forward 2 months, the 10,000 Hilton Honors points posted to my Hilton account on June 2.  I did not get any email or notification from American Express or Hilton, but Award Wallet did send me an alert regarding the balance change.

11 days later, on June 13, my credit card statement closed and the 10,000 bonus Hilton Honors points showed up on my statement.

It was great to have the 10,000 bonus Hilton Honors points post earlier than my statement close.  I still haven’t received the Hilton free weekend night certificate, but I assume that will post to my Hilton account in the next few weeks.  Have you received a retention offer recently for this credit card?  If so, please share your data points.  If you have any questions about the retention offer, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

6 thoughts on “My Recent American Express Hilton Aspire Credit Card Retention Offer

  1. Paul Ahn

    Amex had two retention offers: 1) spend $2K in 3 months for 10,000 points, or 2) spend $3K in 3 months for 20,000 points. I opted for the latter. During the call, the CSR kept touting the benefits of the Aspire card at every opportunity. It reminded me that the $250 airline credit is per calendar year, whereas the $250 resort credit is per membership year. Still waiting to see if AA GCs will trigger the credit. Otherwise, going with Delta.

    1. Grant Post author

      The second offer you got is a better deal. I would have taken that offer if it was offered.

      I have had good luck with SWA eGCs for all my airline credit needs.

  2. Lynn

    Thanks for the reminder. I should call. Surprised you don’t have your fee night cert yet. Thought the 2nd one was supposed to post right away after a year. I know you have to wait for 1st one.


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