Work from Home Diary 4: Weekend Yard Work & Hallmark Movies

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good weekend.  I started sharing my thoughts regarding working from home in a series of Work from Home Diary posts.  Feel free to share your work from home feelings in the comments section below.  For today’s update, I wanted to share my weekend activities.  Before I continue, what does yard work and Hallmark movies have to do with miles and points?  That’s a great question, read on to find out.

On Saturday morning, Laura and I went to Lowe’s to get some cleaning supplies, trash bags, and Amazon GCs.  When we arrived, we saw a deal on colored bark (4 bags for $10) and purchased 8 bags.  We had ambitious plans to clean up our front and back yard and to put out a new layer of bark.  After several hours of work, our front and back yard looked great.  Even though our muscles were sore, using the Lowe’s AMEX Offer on my American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card to get 10% cash back on the Lowe’s purchases was a nice relief.  The Lowe’s AMEX Offer is cumulative and pays 10% cash back, up to $100 cash back (so spending $1,000 will max out this offer).  This AMEX Offer expires on June 30, 2020, but I expect another Lowe’s AMEX Offer will show up after July 1.

On Sunday, we decided to spend most of our time indoors.  We did a few loads of laundry and watched a few Hallmark movies (Laura loves these romantic comedies).  As I mentioned in my recent podcast recording (Stuck at Home? Listen to Grant on the Saverocity Observation Deck Podcast), I have been trying to convince Laura to go to Iceland, so I was very excited when I saw an ad for a Hallmark movie called Love on Iceland.  We watched the movie and I loved seeing the beautiful scenery of Iceland, but I don’t think Laura is 100% convinced yet.  Oh well, I need to do some more convincing.

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to leave the house for an hour and go on a nice walk around our neighborhood.  It’s always refreshing to get outside, get some fresh air, and stretch our (sore) legs.  The forecast for the next few days calls for rain, so I am glad they we were able to finish our yard work on Saturday and get a short walk in on Sunday.  Let me know how your weekend was in the comments section.  Have a great day everyone!

P.S. If you have any favorite Hallmark movies, let me know so I can add it to our watch list.  Thank you :)

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