Reminder: Max Out 10% Citi ThankYou Points Rebate on Citi Rewards+ Credit Card (10K Annual Limit)

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is going well.  One of my favorite sock drawer credit cards is the Citi Rewards+ Credit Card.  This credit card has a pretty decent sign up bonus at the moment (20,000 Citi ThankYou Points after spending $1,500 in 3 months), but my favorite feature of this credit card is the 10% rebate on redeemed Citi ThankYou Points.  You can receive up to 10,000 Citi ThankYou Points rebated each calendar year, you just need to redeem at least 100,000 Citi ThankYou Points in a calendar year.

So why am I reminding you about this today?  The 10% rebate posts to your Citi ThankYou Points account when your statement closes.  If your statement closes on or after January 1, that will count toward your calendar year 2022 10,000 Citi ThankYou Point limit.  Therefore, you probably only have 1 or 2 more statements between now and January 1, 2022.  I will show you how to see how many rebated Citi ThankYou Points you have already received this year and suggest 2 good Citi ThankYou Point transfer partners to use.

Sign into your Citi ThankYou Points account and go to the Account Activity page.  Then set the start date to January 2021 and the end date to November 2021.  Click the View By List tab to see the transactions in a list form.  Scroll down until you see Citi Rewards+ in the Details column and 10% Points Back in the Category column.  Add up all the 10% Points Back numbers to see how many rebated Citi ThankYou Points you have received.  If you already maxed out this benefit, the numbers should add up to exactly 10,000 points.

Here is how to read the below list.  On March 16, I used 11,558 points to book a hotel and on March 19, I used 26,884 points to book a flight.  On April 6 (when my credit card statement closed), I received 3,844 points as a rebate (11,558 + 26,884 = 38,442 x 10% = 3,844).  Between April 14 and April 20, I redeemed 85,000 points for statement credits.  On May 6 (when my credit card statement closed), I received 6,156 points as a rebate (10,000 + 25,000 + 50,000 = 85,000 x 10% = 8,500, but I was only eligible for 6,156 points since I already received 3,844).  I hope that second part makes sense.

If you haven’t maxed out this benefit yet for 2021, you can redeem your Citi ThankYou Points for statement credits or transfer to one of Citi’s transfer partners.  The 2 transfer partners I am interested in at the moment are American Airlines and Choice Hotels Privileges Points.  The word on the street is that American Airlines will only only be a transfer partner until this Saturday, November 13.  Therefore, you only have 4 days left to transfer your Citi ThankYou Points to American Airlines.

If you have any questions about the 10% rebate from the Citi Rewards+ Credit Card, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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