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AutoSlash Newsletter: Is your Rental Car Company Spying on You?

I don’t know about you, but I would say on a scale of one to ten, I’m probably a ten when it comes to protecting my privacy. I like to know who is gathering information about me, what information they are gathering, and how they are using it. Even if you’re not very high on the privacy scale, this article by AutoSlash (Is Your Rental Car Spying on You? The Story of Connected Rental Cars) is a great read. I like many of the articles that appear on the AutoSlash newsletters because the AutoSlash team is insiders while not actually being a rental car company themselves. I think they do an excellent job of educating consumers, like you and me, on a wide variety of topics related to renting cars.

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Save Time & Spend Less Money on Car Rentals with AutoSlash

Do you ever have something on your mind to do and then KNOW that today is the day? That’s how I’m feeling about this post on AutoSlash, the rental car tracking and booking company. Why today? Well, recently Brian Cohen at The Gate wrote a blog post about saving money on a car rental. It was a good read and I’ve also had the same experience where using a different location in a city makes a huge difference in price. But I kept waiting for AutoSlash to be somewhere in the post.

Ian at Points with a Crew may forget to fill up his gas tank before he returns cars, but he’s a total AutoSlash convert. Dan, the PWAC chief, is an AutoSlash cheerleader as well, but his post on AutoSlash is two years old now.

Then I realized at TWG, we don’t have any posts on AutoSlash. When I told Grant what I was writing about today, he replied: “I love AutoSlash. I just book the easiest rental car reservation, send AutoSlash my reservation details and wait for them to do their magic. My car rental in PDX went from $150 for 2 days down to ~$60 for 2 days.” So that confirmed it. Especially because I receive quotes like Grant’s from lots of family and friends whenever I tell them about AutoSlash.

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