Random News: Citi Prestige & Premier, US Bank, British Airways, IHG, and Southwest Airlines

Good morning everyone, it’s been a while since I did a random news post, so I have accumulated quite a bit of random news.  So much news, that I will have to do a random news afternoon special.  Check back at noon for that.  In the meantime, here is the morning edition of the random news.  My first Citi Prestige statement closed and I received the full $250 airline travel credit.

Citi Prestige $250 Airline Credit Used

The airline travel credit is automatic and works on any airline.  I bought a ticket to Dallas for FTU Advanced DFW in September and a ticket to Chicago for Chicago Seminars in October.  There is also a note on the bottom of my statement that says my airline travel credit will reset after my December 2015 statement closes.

Citi Prestige Airline Purchases and Credit Citi Prestige Airline Travel Credit Message

In other news, I was approved for a Citi Premier Credit Card last Thursday.  Apparently I already have a statement ready to view.  The only problem is that I have not even received the credit card yet.  Citi seems to be very slow at mailing out Premier credit cards.

Citi Premier Statement ready

Last week, I wrote Remember to Enroll your Non-AMEX Issued AMEX Cards in AMEX Sync Offers and I followed my own advice with my US Bank FlexPerks AMEX.  The $25 statement credits posted just as fast, maybe even faster than normal AMEX statement credits.  I’m working on a post about the Sam’s Club AMEX Offer as well.

US Bank FlexPerks AMEX Statement Credits Smart Final

My retention offer for my US Bank Club Carlson Personal Credit Card just posted.  I was only given 2,500 Club Carlson points at the time.  Doctor of Credit reports people have been offered up to 7,500 Club Carlson points.  I think I might call back in a few days.

Club Carlson Personal Retention Offer 2500 Points

My Chase British Airways Credit Card statement just closed and my 50,000 Avios sign up bonus posted.  Time to book my DUB-SFO flight on Aer Lingus for 25,000 Avios in economy :)

Chase British Airways Sign Up Bonus

I used my Chase IHG Credit Card to book 3 one night stays using cash and points (10,000 IHG + $70).  It looks like the cash portion of the booking is now earning 5x.  Previously, the cash portion was only earning 1x.

IHG Rewards Points Statement

Last but not least, Chase is sending out targeted offers.  I received a 4x offer on my Chase Southwest Airlines Plus Credit Card for hotel and rental cars.  I probably won’t take advantage of this offer though.

Targeted Southwest Airlines Credit Card Hotel Offer

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Have a great day everyone

27 thoughts on “Random News: Citi Prestige & Premier, US Bank, British Airways, IHG, and Southwest Airlines

  1. Kenny

    I hear you on the Citi Premier lag in getting cards to you. Mine took nearly 2 weeks and came in some ridiculously fancy box and packages. I’m thinking they could have saved $ by just putting the basic details in a regular envelope and sent it via priority :)

    1. Grant

      I got the Citi Prestige in a fancy box via UPS/FedEx next day shipping, but I don’t think it is necessary for the Citi Premier Credit Card. Just send me the freaking card already!

      1. Bob

        Perhaps Citi is clairvoyant. I received my Citi Prestige card yesterday, the first day of no cc with Redbird, and waited only 3 business days. The card arrived in an envelope in a priority FedEx package, and the terms of the card came in an envelope in a priority UPS package.

        1. Grant

          Haha, that is awesome. Are the packages sent from the same location or different addresses? It’s strange that some people get the nice packaging and other people just get an envelope. Did you apply online or in branch?

          1. Bob

            Looking at the packages, both were sent next day air. Though I guess it took two days to process. FedEx was sent from O’Fallon, Missouri, and UPS was sent from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Applied online.

          2. Grant

            Thank you for the data points. Interesting that they have 2 different fulfillment centers. Glad both packages arrived on the same day.

  2. Rick

    @Grant, I too was given 2,500 Carlson points for retention, but if you’re successful in getting 7,500 on your 2nd try, please share how you did it!

    1. Grant

      I’m just going to say, Club Carlson raised the price of all the nice hotels, therefore, you need to raise the number of points you gave me as a retention offer. Simple argument, you don’t need to wait for me before falling though.

      1. Chuck

        I called and asked for a retention offer and was offered 2500 pts. I then said that this was not enough for the amount of devaluation. The agent forwarded me to a supervisor and was then offered 7500 points! I took it!

  3. Carl P

    Watch out on Citi/ Citi statements. I saw a $25 “no payment made” fee in my activity section even though I paid in full as usual. When I called they said they had heard form others, They said they would credit, but that may be just if you catch it and call.

  4. Kate

    For club Carlson, I think you need to ask for a supervisor to get the 7500. The first person I spoke with insisted it was only 2500, but the supervisor immediately offered 7500.

        1. Grant

          Sure, if you want to speak to a supervisor or someone higher up without having to explain to a first level rep, just tell them you were speaking to a supervisor before the call was cut off/died. They will usually transfer you and be very accommodating. 1 call to US Bank got me 7500 points for both my personal and biz Club Carlson CC.

          1. Jay

            Congrats on getting the higher offer! did they also waive the annual fee for both personal and biz?

      1. allen

        i tried to buy sams club gift card. does not seem to trigger the offer. :(
        could you confirm? thanks

        1. Grant

          There is no automatic email generated after a purchase, so you just need to wait a few days for the charge and statement credit to post.

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