Before Closing Wells Fargo Propel World AMEX Credit Card, Get $100 Airline Reimbursement

Good afternoon everyone.  During last week’s rundown of credit cards who charged me an annual fee in March, I wrote about my Wells Fargo Propel World American Express Credit Card.  In that post, I mentioned that this credit card has a $175 annual fee and I could not figure out how Wells Fargo could justify charging $175 for this credit card.  I also reminded myself that this credit card offers a $100 airline reimbursement credit each cardmember year.  And since the annual fee posted on April 2, I figured I was in a new cardmember year.  I then used this credit card to buy a $100 Southwest Airlines egift card.  A few days later, I received the following email regarding the $100 airline reimbursement.

After logging into my Wells Fargo account, I scrolled down to the transaction box.  Down there, I saw the $175 annual fee, $100 Southeast Airlines egift card, and the $100 airline reimbursement.  I plan on calling Wells Fargo and converting this credit card into a no annual fee credit card, but I am not sure which credit card options are available.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

10 thoughts on “Before Closing Wells Fargo Propel World AMEX Credit Card, Get $100 Airline Reimbursement

  1. George

    So you get the $100 airline credit immediately after AF posts?
    and in your article, you meant to call Wells Fargo, not amex for conversion

    1. Grant Post author

      Yes, as soon as the annual fee posts, you’re in your new card member year. That is when you can make $100 airline purchase and get that reimbursed. Thanks for the heads up on the table in the post, I updated the post just now.

  2. Jeff Watson

    What did you end up doing for the conversion? My annual fee just posted. I suppose since I got the 50k points and I don’t think I realized there was a $100 airline reimbursement, you could call this a $175 AF – $100 airline reimbursment. Either way, I don’t use this, I just don’t want to lose the points. I see there is the new no fee WF Propel (although I miss out on the 30k in points if I downgrade to that). I’m wondering if the points 50k points will remain alive if I downgrade.

    1. Grant Post author

      I’m 99% sure that if you downgrade, your Wells Fargo Propel points will stay alive. You can confirm with the Wells Fargo rep during the conversion process. The $100 airline reimbursement is a great benefit, if you can use it.

      Since I did not have have many points at the time, I decided to close the credit card instead of downgrading.

  3. Jerome

    I cannot get it to trigger a second time. It triggered a few weeks before the annual fee. Now the fee has posted for a few weeks, but charges are not getting reimbursed.

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