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Timeline of Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red Credit Card 75,000 American Airlines Miles Sign Up Bonus

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Good morning everyone, I hope your week is going well.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about My 6 Credit Card App-O-Rama: Results & Reconsideration Calls.  In that post, I talked about my instant approval for the Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red Credit Card that currently has a 75,000 American Airlines Miles sign up bonus after adding an authorized user and making a single purchase on your card and the authorized user card.  I love these type of sign up bonuses since it doesn’t get much easier than that!  But then I wondered, how long would it take for the sign up bonus to post to my America Airlines AAdvantage account?  In this post, I will lay out the timeline of events so you know what to expect when you are waiting for your 75K AA Miles to post.

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I applied and was instantly approved for the credit card on October 13 and received both cards (for myself and for my wife) about 2 weeks later.

a card with a chip and a chip on it

My wife and I each made a small $5 purchase on our credit cards (both cards have their own unique card number) and those purchases posted on October 30.  The next day, on October 31, the $99 annual fee posted.  Two days later, on November 2, I paid off the $109 balance (before the statement closed).  I was hoping this would trigger the sign up bonus to post sooner, but that didn’t happen.

a screenshot of a credit card

About 2 weeks after the annual fee posted, on November 13, my credit card statement was available.  As part of my OCD detailed credit card tracking process, I download and save every credit card statement to my OneDrive folder, in case I need to review the statement days, months, or years from now.

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On my statement, I saw the 75,010 AA Miles.

a screenshot of a credit card

Here are the 2 transactions, the annual fee, and the payment.

a screenshot of a computer screen

Lastly, here is the Miles Details section with the breakdown of the miles.

a red and white card with white text

I checked my AA account on November 13, but the miles were not there yet.  I checked again today (November 14) and the 75,010 AA miles had arrived!  It appears the transactions have a post date of November 12, but they became visible in my account on November 14.  What can I get with my 10 Loyalty Points? (I am not interested in AA status, so I credit my AA flights to Alaska to achieve MVP status.)

a screenshot of a travel information

I don’t have any immediate plans for the 75K AA miles, but I love when I find and book AA Web Special flights that cost 5K-10K miles.  If you have any questions about this credit card or the sign up bonus, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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13 thoughts on “Timeline of Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red Credit Card 75,000 American Airlines Miles Sign Up Bonus

  1. David

    Hey is there any lifetime language on this card? I had this in 2018, cancelled it in 2019. Want get this bonus again. Thank you!

    1. Grant Post author

      That is a great question. I’m not sure, but this is what it says in the terms:

      Introductory Bonus Offer:
      Earn 60,000 bonus AAdvantage® miles after your first purchase, less credits, returns, and adjustments and paying the annual fee in full, both within the first 90 days after account open date. Your annual fee may not be paid in full within the first 90 days of your Card Account open date if you pay only your minimum payment due amount as reflected on your statement each month. Your annual fee is considered paid when you make payments greater than or equal to your annual fee. The bonus AAdvantage® miles will be reflected on the billing statement after you have qualified to earn the bonus. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the bonus AAdvantage® miles to be deposited into your AAdvantage® Account.

      Earn 15,000 bonus AAdvantage® miles after at least one authorized user is added to the Account and a purchase is made with the authorized user card, less credits, returns, and adjustments within the first 90 days of the Account open date. A maximum of 15,000 bonus AAdvantage® miles may be earned, regardless of the number of authorized users added to the Account. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the bonus AAdvantage® miles to be deposited into your AAdvantage® Account.

        1. Grant Post author

          The Apply Now buttons work for me, can you try in a private mode / incognito mode? Looks like the offer is still available when I click that button.

  2. CORY

    Hi – I’ve got a few questions… I currently have this card. My P2 has never obtained this card on her own, but has been, and currently still is, an authorized user on my account. 1 – Would that prevent her from using my current referral link to sign up for her own card and get the 60k bonus miles? 2 – Assuming she is approved, she would plan to add me as an authorized user on her new card. In order to get the additional 15k miles, is it necessary to add the authorized user at the same time as the initial application? 3 – For the authorized user, does that count against Chase’s 5/24 rule? Thanks very much!

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Cory, thank you for your questions.

      1: no, she would still be eligible for the sign up bonus.
      2: I’m not sure it’s necessary, but why not add the AU during the application process?
      3: no, the AU should not affect you Chase 5/24 score. If it does, you can talk to the Chase reconsideration department and explain that the Barclays card is an AU and not a primary card.

      1. CORY

        Hi, Grant! Thanks very much for the prompt, thoughtful and comprehensive response! The reason I was considering not having her add me as AU during signup is that I was not sure whether the AU status would impact my 5/24 status. If I didn’t receive an answer/confidence prior to her applying, I figured we might hold off on adding me until later. I’d hate to waste one of my own 5/24 spots just to get her an additional 15,000 miles. Thanks again!!!


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