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Travel with Grant Turned 11 Years Old Today!

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Good morning everyone, I hope your week is going well.  I have an exciting announcement: Travel with Grant just turned 11 years old today!  Yup, I started this blog on May 1, 2013 and I can’t believe I’ve had a travel blog for 11 years (I really can’t believe I have done anything for 11 years, let alone blogging).  I am very grateful for all the amazing friends I have met through the miles and points hobby and all the incredible memories I have made along the way.  I appreciate my readers for reading, asking inciteful comments, and sharing helpful tips on my blog posts.  Let’s keep it up for another 11 years, shall we?

If you have a moment, please answer this poll question.  Thank you.

P.S. In case you were wondering, here are the 10 other blogiversary posts I wrote throughout the years:

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4 thoughts on “Travel with Grant Turned 11 Years Old Today!

  1. Ozzi

    Congrats! Keep up & thanks for providing all insights. I still enjoy wearing the T shirt you sent few years ago.


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