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4 New AMEX Offers, 1 Million Page Views, and Credit Card Affiliate Links

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Good morning everyone, here are 4 new AMEX Offers for Legal Zoom, Miramonte Resort and Spa, Red Door Spas, and Cafe Express.  Nothing super exciting, unless you need a spa or have to take care of some legal issues.

Legal Zoom AMEX Offer

A few weeks ago, Travel with Grant surpassed the 1 million page views mark.  I want to thank each and every one who reads this blog on a daily basis.  Thank you for your readership, questions, comments, and helpful tips.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

TWG 1 Million Views

It only took me 618 days to go from 0 to 1,000,000.  Hopefully the next million will be faster.

May 1 to January 8

Lastly, I have some good news… Back by popular demand, my credit card affiliate links!  (sarcasm, of course)  On the right sidebar, I have a banner ad for CreditCards.com and I links to various credit card offers on my credit card page.  I do not have direct credit card affiliate links and I am not allowed to recommend any particular credit card.  If you are in the market for a new credit card (airline travel rewards, hotel rewards, or cash back), please check out the credit cards I have available.  I cannot guarantee that these are the best available offers, so please double check the offer before applying.

Having credit card affiliate links will not affect my writing topics and I will not insert credit card links in the body of any posts.  I am currently in a trial period with the banner ads, so if they perform well, I will keep the ads, but if they do not perform well, the banner ads will be removed after 2-3 months.  If you do use my credit card affiliate links, I really appreciate your support.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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12 thoughts on “4 New AMEX Offers, 1 Million Page Views, and Credit Card Affiliate Links

  1. Anil Desai

    Congrats Grant. I wish the links were up a week back. I did a small App-O-Rama and got 2 new cards for me and two for my wife.
    Anyways, next one would be surely through you. More than TPG or MMS, I follow yours because your ideas & suggestions would be more doable.

    Good luck for your Billion view target. :-)

    1. Grant

      Thank you Anil, I’m glad you were able to pick up a few new cards on your mini App-O-Rama last week. I appreciate your support. 1 billion page views, here I come!

  2. Syed

    Congrats on the million views Grant! The info on your site has allowed me to get a good amount of miles and money. Keep it up.

    By the way, what plugin do you use to track your traffic? It looks really simple and intuitive which is what I need.

    1. Grant

      Thank you Syed. The graph is part of JetPack and is called Site Stats. It has great info on what pages/posts people read, where did they come from (referrers) and what links they clicked on to leave my site. It is very simple and easy to read/understand.

  3. Brant

    Hey Grant,

    Congrats on your continued success in the blogosphere! (Sp.)

    When you say your links aren’t direct, does that mean you still get some compensation for them anyway? I’d love to use your links for future apps, but only if you’re going to benefit.

    Carry on the good work!


    1. Grant

      Thank you Brant, I still receive compensation if you apply and are approved for any of the credit cards from the CreditCards.com banner. Direct links are links that take you directly to the credit card application page. My links will just take you to CreditCards.com, from there you have to find the credit card you want to apply for. Have a great weekend Brant!


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