Check Bank of America’s BankAmeriDeals for Targeted Spending Offers

Good morning everyone, TGI Friday!  A few days ago, I was reminded by my friend W. to check my BankAmeriDeals that were linked to my Bank of America online account.  Similar to AMEX Offers, BankAmeriDeals are usually cash back deals from various merchants.  To view your BankAmeriDeals, log into your Bank of America online account and click the Special Offers & Details tab at the top of the page.  These offers are targeted based on your spending behavior, so your offers may differ from mine.  Here are the current BankAmeriDeals for my account:

Bank of America Deals 5-29-2015

By comparison, here are my friend’s BankAmeriDeals from her account.  She lives on the East Coast and spends more money on her Bank of America credit cards than I do, so her offers differ from mine.  The best offer in her account is from Office Depot / OfficeMax.  You will earn 5% cash back, up to a $10 maximum.  Basically, if you spend $200 at Office Depot / OfficeMax, you will earn $10 (5% cash back).  Not every offer is very lucrative.

Whitney's Bank of America Deals 5-29-2015

Please let me know if you see any awesome BankAmeriDeals in your Bank of America online account.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

16 thoughts on “Check Bank of America’s BankAmeriDeals for Targeted Spending Offers

    1. Grant

      Do you mean which BofA credit card do you need to use to get the offers or asking if you can use multiple BofA credit cards to take advantage of the offers?

      1. John

        I have several cards: Alaska Airlines Signature Visa, BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards Platinum Plus Visa and BankAmericard Cash Rewards Signature Visa. I always think these BankAmeriDeals are for the BankAmericard Cash Rewards Signature Visa card. Can I use other cards to take advantage of these deals?

        1. Grant

          I believe as long as you activate the offer, you can use any BofA credit card. The offers aren’t linked to individual credit cards, but rather your BofA online account.

          1. Kent C

            No that’s incorrect. Many cards are excluded.

            “Most Bank of America debit and credit accounts and Merrill Lynch® credit cards are eligible for BankAmeriDeals®. To view your eligible accounts, go to the Preferences tab within the Cash Back Deals page (under the Special Offers & Deals tab).
            Some accounts (including some co-branded credit cards) aren’t eligible for BankAmeriDeals. See terms of use for full account eligibility guidelines.

            It will take about 2 weeks for a new account or a replacement debit or credit card to become eligible for BankAmeriDeals. Once the account shows as eligible on the Preferences tab, cards linked to that account will be eligible to redeem deals that are “Ready to use”.

            So there are a lot of exclusions. Also, if you use your checking ATM/debit card and don’t use it at the register as a debit, you will not get the offer, which is what happened to me. I used it as a credit card which eliminates fees and having to put in your pin, however, that negated my rebate, as I later found out.

            “For checking accounts, only debit card transactions qualify for cash back.”

            So caveat emptor.

  1. whitney

    I actually never use my BofA card BUT perhaps i get all the targeted deals b/c i work for BofA? i tried to split tender ($200 on 1 CC and GC fee on the other CC) last night and was told they could only split tender on debit cards. he even showed me that his terminal wouldnt let him. i did a CC split tender at this very same OD a few months ago. anyone else experiencing this?

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