Unboxing American Express Hilton Honors Business Credit Card: Card Art & Welcome Letter

Good morning everyone.  Yesterday, I shared the results of my Mini July App-O-Rama and today I will show you what the American Express Hilton Honors Business Credit Card (my referral link) looks like and the welcome letters that came with the new credit card.  In tomorrow’s post, I will share screenshots of the benefits and features of the American Express Hilton Honors Business Credit Card.  Here is what the front and back of the American Express Hilton Honors Business Credit Card looks like.  It is a pretty credit card.

Hilton and American Express did a great job of making all of their credit cards look very similar *sarcasm*.  Can you tell which credit card is which?

(The correct answer is Hilton Ascend (left), Hilton Aspire (center) and Hilton Business (right)  I don’t have the no annual fee Hilton credit card, but I am sure it looks very similar to these credit cards too.

Anyway, here is the welcome letter that came along with the credit card.  Sorry for all the redacted information.  I was able to easily activate this credit card and add it to my online account.

Here are the first 2 pages of the cardmember agreement.   You can see the credit limit ($10,000 is higher than I was expecting), the cash advance limit (I just called American Express to remove the cash advance feature from my credit card), the no annual fee the first year (I will probably not renew this credit card next year since I do not have plans on spending $15,000 on the credit card to earn a free weekend night certificate), and the no foreign transaction fees (sweet!).

Here are the first 2 pages of the Supplement to the Cardmember Agreement, you can see how Hilton Points are earned, how free weekend night certificates are earned, when you will receive elite status, when you will receive your free weekend night certificates, and much more.  Nothing surprising in here.

Lastly, after I activated my credit card and added it to my online account, I can now see all the features and benefits of this credit card.  That is what I will show you in tomorrow’s post.

If you have any questions about the American Express Hilton Honors Business Credit Card (my referral link), please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Unboxing American Express Hilton Honors Business Credit Card: Card Art & Welcome Letter

  1. Nick

    Grantster, I’m thinking that I want this card. But I just got the 70K Delta Biz. What do you (or anyone) think are the chances of getting two AMX Biz cards in the same month, based on your experience?

  2. Nick

    Yes, I can wait. But my immediate thought was to apply now, and in the process call them and give up the personal version – Hilton Honors Ascend (which I have had less than a year) in order to get the business version American Express Hilton Honors Biz. Bad idea? Still advise to wait?

  3. Zeng

    I applied it online, an hour later I called to confirm my application, they couldn’t find it. Then they ask me to apply on the phone. Now I have two Hilton business cards. The representative told me to spend on one card get bonus first. Then give them call to see if second bonus will apply.

    1. Grant Post author

      That is so strange. How could they not see your first app and then suddenly approve you for the second app? I hope you get both sign up bonuses!

      1. Zeng

        It’s so odd, I actually only received one card, I spent few thousands already, and today I got a bill to pay Annual Fee, I noticed last 4 digit number is different, then I called to verify, found out this second business card exists.

        1. Grant Post author

          Well, if you are paying the annual fee on that second card, then you deserve the sign up bonus. Keep me posted on what happens :)


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