Last Day to Register for Tomorrow’s FTU Virtual Seminar (Saturday February 20)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  I just wanted to remind you that today is the last day to register for tomorrow’s FTU Virtual Seminar.  If you have no plans tomorrow (Saturday February 20), I highly recommend attending the FTU Virtual Seminar (tickets available for $25).  The seminar starts on Saturday at 11am ET / 8am PT and will run for 3 hours with a virtual social mixer afterwards.  I really enjoyed attending the first FTU Virtual Seminar back on December 12 and I’m sure this seminar will be just as entertaining and educational.  If you have the FTU Online Annual Membership, you can attend the seminar for free.

If you register for the seminar, but are unable to watch the live stream, you can access the recording of the seminar and watch later on.  This is also a great way to re-watch your favorite presentations and catch any details that you may have missed.

I’ve written about the FTU Online Annual Membership a few times, but it is a great deal at only $69 (regular price is $129).

With your FTU Online Annual Membership, you get access to a ton of free and discounted content.  I love getting free access to FTU Virtual Seminars and look forward to using the $49 discount code for the next FTU in-person event (that $49 discount will cover most of the cost of the annual membership).  I haven’t had a chance to watch all 25 online courses, but the few I have watched were all very well done and helpful.

After you sign up for the FTU Online Annual Membership, make sure to register for the FTU Virtual Seminar (you are not automatically registered for the event).  Just go to the he FTU Virtual Seminar page and you should see the price drop from $25.00 to $0.00.  Just add the item to your cart and check out.  You will then be registered for the FTU Virtual Seminar and you will receive all the event emails and final event schedule.

If you have any questions about the FTU Online Annual Membership or the FTU Virtual Seminar on February 20, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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