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How to Convert an Existing Discover Credit Card into a Different Discover Credit Card Online

Good morning everyone, it is now possible to convert an existing Discover credit card into a different Discover credit card online (hat tip to Don at Doctor of Credit).  I currently have a Discover It Credit Card and a Discover It Miles Credit Card.  My Discover It Miles Credit Card is over a year old, so I already got my double points after the first year.  Now the credit card only earns 1.5x on all purchases, so I don’t use that credit card anymore.  I would much rather have another Discover It Credit Card and have access to rotating 5% cash back categories.  To convert your existing Discover credit card online, click here and sign into your Discover online account.

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AMEX Old Blue Cash: How to See Cash Back for Each Transaction & Calculate $6,500 Minimum Spend

Good morning everyone.  A long time ago, I got the American Express Blue Cash Credit Card (conventionally known as the AMEX Old Blue Cash).  This credit card is no longer available, but if you have one, you earn 5% cash back at grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies.  The card offers no annual fee, but you have to spend a minimum of $6,500 on the credit card before the bonus categories start earning 5% cash back.  All purchases made before the $6,500 spend earn 0.5% to 1% cash back, so it is important to know how much you have spent so you can start racking up the 5% cash back.

When you sign into your American Express online account, you will see the start and end date of your Reward Year.  In my case, I need to spend $6,500 after September 13, 2018 to unlock the 5% cash back categories.  To see if previous purchases earned 5% cash back, click the View Rewards Details link.  Oh by the way, this information used to be on the credit card statements, but American Express removed the information from the statements and you now have to do additional work to see your cash back transactions and earning details.

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$25 Off Frequent Traveler University (FTU) Seattle Tickets (Book By Jan 31)

Updated at 7:00am PT on 2/7: Use promo code LOTSALOVE to save $25 on FTU tickets (code expires February 17, 2019).  Hope to see you there!

Updated at 9:30am PT on 1/13: Use promo code TRAVELMORE to save $25 on FTU tickets (code expires January 31, 2019).  Hope to see you there!

Updated at 7pm PT on 12/28: Use promo code NEWYEAR to save $30 on FTU tickets (code expires January 2, 2019).  Hope to see you there!

Good evening everyone.  Earlier today, I purchased my ticket to the next Frequent Traveler University (FTU) travel conference that will be held in Seattle the weekend of March 9-10.  I have attended many travel conferences over the years (Frequent Travel University, Chicago Seminars, TravelCons, etc.) and I always enjoy listening to the speakers and meeting blog readers.  If you are free the weekend of March 9-10 and don’t mind talking about miles & points for hours on end, come to FTU Seattle!

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Statement Credits Post Fast for $100 Shop with Dell Benefit + Dell 10% Cash Back AMEX Offer

Good afternoon everyone.  Last week, I wrote American Express Business Platinum Stack: $100 Shop with Dell Benefit + Dell 10% Cash Back AMEX Offer.  Fast forward to yesterday, I received my Dell order and my $100 Shop with Dell statement credit, along with the $10.74 cash back earned from the Dell 10% cash back AMEX Offer.  When the dust had all settled, my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card has a credit balance of $3.32 (the closer your order came to exactly $100, the greater your credit balance will be).

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Ebates is Becoming Rakuten & Super Bowl Ad (How to Pronounce Rakuten)

Good afternoon everyone.  Hot off the presses, I just got this email from Ebates.  Ebates is becoming Rakuten (pronounced rack-uh-ten) and they are moving members from Ebates over to Rakuten.  I clicked on the email to see more information.

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