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What to See / Do Around Honolulu, Hawaii

It’s natural when you live in Hawaii to have people visit you. After all, who doesn’t want a family member or friend to live in Hawaii so you can go visit them, right? So yes, I speak from experience when I say you do get lots of visitors :) Recently, three of my visitors asked me why I never wrote about their favorite things we did when I showed them around. Good question!

Here are some of the sites and activities that were most memorable for them.

My aunt and uncle came to visit for my aunt’s 70th birthday. My uncle had served in the military, so for him, a highlight was our time at Pearl Harbor. The USS Arizona Memorial is free, though reservations are required. We also saw the Battleship Missouri Memorial, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum, and the Pacific Aviation Museum. We also went to Punchbowl, the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. It’s free to visit, and I’ve always liked Punchbowl not just for the view it offers, but for the maps and history about the World War ll battles in the Pacific.

Pearl Harbor Memorial. Image source: http://www.pearlharborhistoricsites.org/pearl-harbor/arizona-memorial

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Enter Hawaiian Airlines’ Relaxcation Sweepstakes: Win 140,000 Hawaiian Miles (Ends Tomorrow 2/28)

It’s fun when there’s a chance, even a slim one, of going to Hawaii on someone else’s dime. Going to Oahu AND staying at a beautiful hotel in the heart of Waikiki is even better! The Moana Surfrider is an icon in Waikiki. Over the years, it has gone through some renovations inside and out, and though I don’t care for some of the changes to the grounds and landscaping, I certainly wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to stay here. The Moana Surfrider has my favorite coffee place right next door, and many of my favorite places to eat on Oahu are within walking distance. So enter this contest and good luck, everyone!

4 Amazing Things to See & Do on Kauai

Kauai is called the “Garden Isle” because it’s lush and full of natural beauty. It’s geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands and fourth largest in size. It seems to be the favorite island of people who visit Hawaii, and I believe the natural beauty is what ranks it so highly. My cousins are celebrating a very special wedding anniversary and flying from the East Coast to Kauai. Having lived in Hawaii, though not on Kauai, I have been a frequent visitor to the Garden Isle, so I was happy to suggest some of my favorite beautiful sites to see. I suggested four that would not only showcase Kauai’s beauty, but also take them to different parts of the island, as well.

Wailua Falls Overlook is a two-tiered waterfall. Almost every time I’ve been there, I’ve seen a rainbow in the falls. Spotting rainbows are one of the magical sites in Hawaii, and I never grow tired of seeing them. Early morning at the falls is a nice quiet time, though certainly it’s a special site no matter when you go.

Wailua Falls Overlook. Image source: https://www.hawaiidiscount.com/tours/kauai/island-sightseeing-tours/scenic-hanalei-tour.htm

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Hawaiian Airlines Announced New Routes from the West Coast

It’s NEVER the wrong time to think about booking a flight to Hawaii! And if Hawaiian Airlines has its way, we’ll be booking flights on their airline because they’ve just announced some new routes. I usually fly on Alaska Airlines when I go to Hawaii, but Hawaiian’s new routes have me looking more closely at their schedule. Especially if next Summer is an option for your Hawaii vacation plans, take a look at what they’re offering! And don’t forget to check out our Top Rewards cards to boost your points earning and travel more!

Image source: https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/

Will Southwest Airlines Add Island-Hopping Flights in Hawaii?

Southwest Airlines heads for Hawaii, but it won’t be a vacation. Once Southwest Airlines starts flying to Hawaii next year, it may well add a compelling wrinkle to its schedule: flights between the islands. Southwest Airlines is deciding whether to include some in-state travel along with its trans-Pacific routes, which the company plans to offer starting next year. Andrew Watterson, the Southwest Airlines executive who oversees revenue and is in charge of cracking the Hawaii nut financially, worked at Hawaiian for three years and knows the market well.

Here’s the Bloomberg article that explains it all. Having lived in Hawaii, I can attest to the greater need for inter-island flights whether you’re a Hawaii resident or like 30% of the people getting off a long-haul flight, you connect to a flight to another island. And competition is good, so like most, if not all of you, I’m ready for Southwest Airlines to start flying to Hawaii!