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Shelli Stein is a health and fitness entrepreneur who travels the world in search of culture, food, and fun! Besides contributing to Travel with Grant, you can find her at Joy in Movement.

Hyatt Quietly Killed their Try the World Gift Boxes (& I’m Missing My Last 2 Boxes)

I’m frustrated and at my wits’ end with Hyatt’s Try The World gift box of the month program. Their logo is “Connecting you to the people, places, and experiences at the heart of your world,” but all this program has connected me to is frustration and confusion! As a consumer, travel blogger, and Hyatt Globalist who will again qualify as a Globalist, all I can say is, “Hyatt, you have failed big time, and I’m in the mood to vent!”

Here’s the rest of the story. You’ll recall that Grant and I thought it would be fun to sign up for the Try The World gift box program and review the boxes for our readers. So we did. The first box, which highlighted France, was received in the middle of July and I reviewed it here. I actually gave it a pretty favorable review and was looking forward to the next box, which would either highlight India or Turkey. And I waited and waited and no box ever came…

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Win a Free Trip to Italy from Blick Art Supply Store

Who doesn’t love an EASY opportunity to win a trip to Italy? Everyone who has been to Italy including me, wants to return. And everyone who hasn’t yet been, usually has Italy at the top of their bucket list.

Last week I was in my favorite art supply store, Blick, and saw this sweepstakes. Usually I don’t notice these things, but this one was for ITALY!

You can enter ONLINE or in the store. No purchase necessary. Contest ends October 1, 2017. And here’s the best part! The winner gets not just airfare for themselves and a guest, but also $4,000 to spend on whatever they’d like in the way of hotels and other travel expenses.

Besides DickBlick being an amazing and wonderful art supply store, this is a fantastic contest. So enter the sweepstakes now and promise me if you win, I’ll be your guest and if I win I’ll take you!

Good luck, everyone, and have a great day!

Sunday Read: New York Times and the Equifax Security Breach

Many of us have been amazed at how badly Equifax handled the security breach. Do you know that Equifax made more than $1 million dollars in political donations last year to “prevent” tighter regulations on data security? They are located in Georgia, where the state law does not specify how soon a company must notify the consumers in case of a security breach. One question that keeps getting asked is, “Why can Equifax be so irresponsible?” This New York Times article, if you haven’t already seen it, gives us the best answer I’ve seen. It’s because Equifax considers that we consumers are their products, not customers.

Unboxing My New Metal Citi Prestige Credit Card

Happy Unboxing Saturday, everyone! I received a black book-sized package in the mail and left it sitting around for a few days. It was non-descript, so I had no idea what it was… until today. It was my new metal Citi Prestige Credit Card! I had totally forgotten that Citi was replacing the plastic ones.

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How to Stop Receiving Text Messages After Promotions End

Enrolling in offers we receive on our credit cards is the easy part. Well, maybe spending to maximize those offers is also easy! But somehow, once the offers and spending to meet those offers is done, I still seem to get a lot of texts that just add noise to my day. Some offers go on for months, so that can be a lot of unwanted texts and noise! Sometimes we register and then decide not to take advantage of the offer. That’s when texts become really annoying.

Someone recently asked me how to stop receiving texts when offers are over and done. Sometimes that means paying attention to the small print in the registration process. Here’s an example of what I mean.

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