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About Shelli

Shelli Stein is a health and fitness entrepreneur who travels the world in search of culture, food, and fun! Besides contributing to Travel with Grant, you can find her at Joy in Movement.


Got any Questions for a Professional Uber & Lyft Driver? Ask them Here!

Are you an Uber fan? Or maybe you’re Uber’s biggest critic? Or maybe you’ve had mixed experience with the ride-sharing economy. I’d put myself in this last category.

A buddy of mine is a ride-sharing expert, who not only drives for Uber and Lyft, but he also teaches courses to other drivers, helping them navigate the business aspects of ride-sharing.

I’ve got an interview set up with him, but I wanted to get your input on what questions YOU would like answered. I’ll be asking him questions about:

  • His driving experience (the good, the bad & especially the ugly)
  • The driver rating and tipping systems
  • The dreaded surge pricing (boo!)
  • Is Uber/Lyft a viable business for drivers?

If you were the one talking with a ride-sharing expert, what questions would you ask him? Let me know in the comments below!  I will summarize his answers and share the results in a future blog post.  Stay tuned and buckle up!


Shelli’s World Coffee Tour – First Stop, San Diego

People sometimes think I’m strange. And sometimes I’m sure I give them reason! But often my “strangeness” leads to great ideas. Or at least what I hope will be great ideas :)

Like for instance, this series of blog posts I’m writing for TWG.

The idea started a few days ago. Alexander from The Points of Life wrote, Stumptown Coffee NYC: What A Wait and I immediately emailed him to tell him about a great place for espresso in Philadelphia. After all, he was in NYC and Philly is close by!

Then over at Points with a Crew, Ian wrote, “May I charge my phone from your laptop?”  Sure, sure, he’s writing about his dilemma and whether or not to allow a stranger to use his laptop to charge a phone, but all I could think of was……….WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT STARBUCKS?

So I emailed Ian and told him if he wanted to know 3 great coffee houses within minutes of the Hyatt Regency Vancouver BC, to let me know.

I guess it’s time for a true confession. I’m a coffee snob. And when I travel, I have a passion for supporting local roasters and coffee houses. Let’s just say I’ve BEAN Around the World and I’m feeling like now is the time to start sharing the love…..and caffeine.

Grant introduced me to his readers as a woman who embodies “healthy traveling,” and I’m sure by now you’ve heard that coffee is a health food. So let’s create the TWG Cafe Society and talk coffee. Every so often, I’ll even throw in a few of the best places to enjoy chai! Continue reading


Using American Airlines Gift Cards for a Last Minute Trip to Attend a Memorial Service

For most of us, most of the time, we have the luxury of thinking through our travel plans maybe months or even a year in advance. Especially if we’re using miles and points to book air and hotel reservations, booking way ahead is a good idea.

But what happens when we have an emergency trip that needs to be booked NOW?

That’s the situation I found myself in just last month. As I mentioned here, there was a death in my family and I wanted to get to Florida for the memorial service.

Here were my parameters:

  • My flight was from San Diego to Florida on specific dates, both on the outbound and inbound.
  • I had to fly into Fort Lauderdale (FLL).
  • I had to land at FLL in the evening so my cousin could pick me up after work.
  • I had to leave late in the day after the Miami Dolphins game. Don’t ask, my cousins are nuts for those Dolphins and luckily they won their game so everyone was in good spirits.

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New Writer Q&A with Shelli

Good morning everyone, I am bringing on one more writer (for now) and her name is Shelli.  In case you didn’t know, I have added a few new writers over the last few weeks, including Whitney, Tonei, and Will The Tactical Traveler.  I’ve known Shelli for the last few years and we met while I was living in Orange County (she lives down the coast in San Diego).  She has her own health and fitness blog (Joy in Movement), but her other great passion is travel.  She travels often and embodies the healthy traveler and solo traveler mindsets.  I am sure you will enjoy reading her blog posts here as well as on her own site.  Shelli has decided to break the rules and instead of answering my standard Q&A, she has decided to share her top 5 fun travel memories from 2016.  Take it away Shelli!

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